Want one family with one “trick”?Factory: trying to take orders. I haven’t seen such a hot toy in 25 years

“We’ve been doing this for 25 years and we’ve never had a toy this hot.”Yu Chongyang said.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are currently in full swing, and outside the arena, the winter Olympic mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” has become the top stream.This adorable force full mascot, is staged “crazy” situation, compete to buy become Chinese agitation, on the market “a pier hard to find”.From jinjiang airport, 30 km, wo Yang river town industrial zone in quanzhou luojiang district pontoon bridge, 69 g, a building several storeys high workshop on the wall, “jump” arts and crafts of vibration several LOGO characters especially eye-catching, from appearance looks here and other plant area, southeastern coast of fujian “not”, people coming and going,No one would have thought that this would be the officially authorized production base of “Top Flow” Ice Dwen dwen for the Winter Olympics, where tens of thousands of “ice Dwen Dwen” sold by the flagship store of winter Olympics products are born every day.Yu Chongyang, the 45-year-old owner of fujian Quanzhou Zhenyue Arts and Crafts Co., LTD. (below:Zhenyue Crafts is the licensed manufacturer partner of the 2022 Winter Olympics. These licensees found him through 1688 platform and commissioned him to produce “Ice Dun Dun” and “Snow Rongrong” series products.A few days ago, China Business news reporter in-depth this ice mound mound manufacturing factory, understand the market crazy situation, a domestic small and medium-sized foreign trade factory “ice mound mound” for the war.It has been 25 years since we got the “urgent order” and engaged in handicraft production. It is the first time that Yu Chongyang felt the unprecedented “heat” of factory products.On the evening of the fourth day of the lunar New Year, after the official opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Yu Chongyang was spending the holiday with his family in front of the TV in his hometown of Anqing, Anhui Province. Suddenly, one after another of the phone calls came from the winter Olympics franchisees and sponsors, asking them to commission the production of ‘Bing Dwen Dwen’ and ‘Xue Rong Rong’ products.Licensed producers of winter Olympics mascots found us through platform 1688.”Yu Chongyang said, in the past also produced this kind of product, did not expect to be so popular.As a former migrant worker in Quanzhou, Fujian province, Yu Chongyang started from scratch in 2007 and founded Zhenyue Arts and Crafts, which is a custom production enterprise of resin crafts, animation handwork and popular animation. The factory employs nearly 200 people and has a standard production workshop of more than 8,000 square meters.Yu Chongyang used to mainly do foreign trade products, to Disney and other global giants supply OEM, the company also got overseas product certification.In 2013, more than double ninth in the alibaba domestic trade B2B platform, 1688 web site for his factory production qualification, quickly attracted customer orders, the company over the years most of the customers are from accumulated 1688 platforms, vibration and jump a handicraft has become the Disney, starbucks, Coca-Cola, authorized suppliers.In September 2019, bing Dwen Dwen, the mascots of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and Xue Rong Rong, the mascots of the Paralympic Winter Games, were officially released.”At the end of 2019, we started making samples and producing bing Dwen dwen products.”Yu said Zhenyue started making bingdoundun in September 2018, when a company in the gift-giving industry that had partnered with the factory long ago was certified as a licensed manufacturer and retailer for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.”At that time, ice piers were not as popular as they are now, and the production was relatively small. Customers generally ordered in bulk, ordered a batch of production and sold, and then continued to order another batch of production.We produce about 10,000 units every two to three months.”Yu Chongyang said.After the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, orders for bing Dwen dwen’s production poured in.”The licensing companies and their sponsors placed orders through the 1688 platform,” yu said. “The mentality of ‘go to 1688 if you want to find a factory’ has formed among small and medium-sized enterprises in China, otherwise they would not have come so quickly after the opening ceremony.This is the most urgent order since we entered the platform.”The customers who placed orders with Yu chongyang over the phone included a number of Winter Olympics licensers and sponsors, including Coca-Cola, to produce a total of six series of “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” products.Yu Chongyang, who is celebrating the Spring Festival, simply held a video teleconference with the company’s senior executives, and then put himself into directing and organizing production and arranging the emergency resumption of work for local employees.Quanzhou, Fujian is originally a manufacturing area, and the local light industry and toys are labor-intensive industries, with a large number of non-local employees.Most of the factory’s employees come from Anhui, Hubei, Jiangxi and Sichuan provinces. In order to encourage them to return to work and get production on track, Yu Chongyang has offered some preferential incentives, such as doubling or 1.5 times their wages, and promising early red envelopes for those who return to work in the Year of the Tiger.So the staff began to trickle back.”It’s mainly to attract people to come as soon as possible. We need skilled workers.”Yu Chongyang frankly.Reporters in the factory production line to see, ice dun dun and snow rongrong product manufacturing, more than a dozen processes, most of the need to be completed by hand.Therefore, yu Chongyang has more demand for skilled workers.”As employees continue to return to work, there should be no major problem with the factory’s manpower at present. It will be adjusted according to the order situation and the recruitment season of the New Year will soon begin.”Yu Chongyang said.Production workers have been in place. The factory mainly produces ice blocks made of resin, whose main raw material is unsaturated polyresin.Reporters found in the raw material warehouse, bags of raw materials stacked in the feeding workshop.”The factory was already stocked with two to three months ‘worth of production materials, so it was able to resume work in just two days, setting a new record for sales of winter Olympics mascots.”Yu Chongyang said.Recently, many enterprises know that Zhenyue Crafts is producing ice Dun Dun and snow Rong Rong, which are authorized by the licensed manufacturers of the Winter Olympic Games. Yu Chongyang’s phone is ringing non-stop.During the interview with CBN reporters in the office, Yu Chongyang kept receiving calls from customers who wanted to “take goods” while making tea.Since returning to work a week ago, Yu chongyang has received such calls almost every day from morning till night.Just stepped into Yu Chongyang’s office, he was discussing orders with employees, the employee said that someone wanted to order the company’s Bing Dwen dwen products, “if the other party has a letter of authorization, we will give him production, if not, can not give him production.”Yu Chongyang said, first ask the other party has no authorization, if there is no authorization, in case after circulation is said to be the products produced by the Zhen Yue factory, it is in trouble, must the other party has authorization.A 1688 platform merchant called to order Bingdudun, Yu Chongyang told the other party on the phone, “We do not have the stock, the source of goods should be booked in advance, if you have a sales authorization, you can directly order.We are now supplying licensed companies and orders are running out of time.””I know that many customers want to sell bing Dwen dwen, and the market demand is very high. However, the management of the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee is very strict, and without an authorized sales channel officially designated, we can not supply.Cannot supply to unauthorised retailers.”Encounter phone “stubborn but” customer, Yu Chongyang can only refuse.Cause the current market “a pier difficult to find” situation, Yu Chongyang said, mainly is the current production is less, “now to imitate is also very difficult, need to open a good mold.”Take the products of vibration jump technology as an example, due to the special design of ice blocks, panda blocks also have a shell “clothes” outside the body.Yu Chongyang said that the “clothes” outside is a special material of plastic shell, production needs to open the steel film, a long time.”If you want to temporary open mold, need to spend a lot of time, ice mound mound of shell membrane, needs to exactly match with the inside of the panda piers, the key is the panda piers is irregular form, general manufacturing process is very difficult to match, or steel membrane shell is too small, set or steel membrane shell is too big, loose it happen.”Yu Chongyang said.Now suddenly popular ice pier pier, the outside world is worried that many factories will imitate.”Suddenly fire up, in fact, imitation is also more difficult, open mold need more than 20 days.”Yu Chongyang said, once opened for reproduction, estimated ice block block “heat” are too.At present, because the market “a pier difficult to find”, even caused the attention of scalpers.A few days ago, media reports, there are scalpers in line to buy the Winter Olympics souvenir site, and some people offer 1,500 yuan to 2,000 yuan to buy related products, some consumers said, “Dun Dun is indeed very popular, but the original price of 192 yuan dolls offer more than 1,000 yuan, it is too exaggerated.”At present, the enterprise is in full production.”So far we have confirmed more than 500,000 orders for the production of ice blocks, and more than 800,000 orders if we include other orders that have been contacted in succession.”Yu Chongyang said that recently, urgent orders should be prioritized, and they should be rushed out within 15 days with both quality and quantity guaranteed. Every day, 5,000 to 10,000 pieces of ice can be delivered.Originally, Zhenyue crafts mainly made treasured toys for Disney, with a gross margin of 20% to 30%, and then did some other business, with annual sales of 50 million to 80 million yuan.Yu declined to comment on the profitability of bing Dwen Dwen, saying, “The price needs to be kept secret, but the basic gross margin is around 20 percent.”In addition to the strong demand from domestic customers, Yu Chongyang has also received orders from Customers in South Korea, Japan and Europe. “I also asked them whether they have the distribution authorization, otherwise they can’t supply to them.””In fact, making Bingdandan products itself is not profitable, and the gross margin is still low compared with other businesses we do. But now is a special time, as a domestic manufacturer, we have to take responsibility.”Yu Chongyang said.Besides the orders of Bing Dun Dun, Yu Chongyang has no time to rush the orders of other businesses. “We have used all our hands to rush the mascot products of the Winter Olympics, and it is inevitable that other orders will be affected.”The ice mound mound products both at home and abroad are popular all over the world people, as China’s wen gen products production enterprises, more than double ninth felt the power of cultural self-confidence, “we want to do in the future of traditional cultural products output, as the change of China’s international status, our wen gen products is becoming more and more popular in overseas, and it will also give us manufacturing companies more business opportunities.”Yu Chongyang said.Source: China Business News

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