Free Orange County the desire in her eyes hot sweet mature lady perfume

Free Orange County from what she saw as desire.Orange True Lust Rayon Violet De Ses Yeux Top: Rum Ginger Violet Rose Coconut Middle: Osmanthus lily-valley Jasmine Ylang-ylang tangerine Bottom:Ambergris leather rice sandalwood (1) The first blend of rum with sweet coconut and powdery flowers, very rich and sweet, including ginger and leather smell, some of the first blend is smoky, very sweet and fragrant, some people may faint fragrance, fragrance is inclined to a little old fragrance.(2) In the sweet fragrance dropped a little, the wine fragrance has dissipated, the fragrance will not be so smoky, fragrant white flowers and coconut and rice to create a warm sense of fragrance, powder or quite heavy, fragrance is very gentle and pink, very feminine.(3) The last tone is more like the old style powder fragrance, which is very heavy with powder and grain. There are not many sandalwood and smoked leather, and the sweet fragrance is mixed with some wood leather. The smell is a little stuffy, and there is a lazy smell after being drunk.Appearance level: 8.0 points fragrance spreading Power: 9.0 points Retention time: 6-10 hours Suitable for: Female perfume Score: 7.0 points Summary:This perfume is to have desire feeling, but, silent uncle does not recommend, because pink feeling is very heavy, and sweet sweet breath and sweet flowers are thicker also, the likelihood is quite a person can be moved before fumigate or dizzy sweet, in after move still go, but also really in general, perfume slants mature, have hot sweet greasy feeling.Perfume is Dead, Perfume is Dead!Long Live the Perfume!The fragrance review is just my personal opinion, only for reference, thousands of people are fragrant, the specific flavor of the suggestion after trying the fragrance to make a judgment.

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