Story: just after the death of the eldest brother, the younger brother forced his wife to remarry

In ancient times, there was a woman surnamed Zhao in Fuyang County. Her husband died less than three days ago, and her brother-in-law forced zhao to remarry. Zhao thought his brother-in-law was fighting for the family property, but he did not realize his brother-in-law’s deep meaning until he met the future groom.Zhao’s husband Zhang Tianbao is a person who likes to eat and be lazy, the work of the land in his home does not care, all hand over the wife to do, and he is drunk with a group of evil friend every day be like mud, not only such, sometimes Zhang Tianbao comes home after getting drunk, still can strike zhao’s hand greatly.Zhang Tianbao was irate and obdurate. Every time he got drunk, zhao was hurt all over. Zhao had no parents and no one to rely on, so she had to endure her husband’s violence.So every time Zhang Tianbao beat Zhao, Zhao would bite her teeth and say nothing, knowing that if she spoke out, her husband would hit her harder.Zhao had a brother-in-law named Zhang Junbao. He was honest and kind. Whenever Zhang Tianbao beat his wife, Zhang Junbao would come and try to make peace with her.Although Zhang Tianbao is Zhang Junbao’s eldest brother, Zhang Junbao is not biased at all, as long as Zhang Tianbao begins to fight Zhao, Zhang Junbao will protect zhao’s sister-in-law, Zhao’s heart is also full of gratitude to Zhang Junbao’s brother-in-law.In the autumn of that year, Zhang Tianbao went out to drink with some of his friends, and they didn’t leave until midnight to go home. Unexpectedly, it was raining and the road was dark and slippery, so Zhang Tianbao was drunk. He accidentally fell into the gutter and drowned.After Zhang Tianbao died, Zhao did not feel so sad. She thought she had finally got rid of zhang Tianbao, the devil. Unexpectedly, zhang Junbao, brother-in-law of Zhang Tianbao, forced her to remarry after she had just become a widow.Zhang Junbao made it clear to Zhao that he had found her husband’s family and would marry her in three days.Zhang Junbao doesn’t tell Scott who she want to marry, but on sedan said Scott must marry, Scott saw Zhang Junbao was adamant: she thought Zhang Junbao is afraid of himself and for his house, and she thought Zhang Junbao help her so much, then obey Zhang Junbao changed to marry, but the bridal chamber night, Scott watched the groom was dumbfounded.Zhao shi listened to zhang Junbao’s words changed to marry, make she did not think of is, Zhang Junbao prepared rich dowry to her unexpectedly, more let her do not think of is, the bridegroom is the person that she wants to marry most actually.Wedding night, zhao’s head of the red veil was lifted, she found her own man turned out to be her childhood sweetheart Ling, Zhao saw Ling Leng for a while, she can not believe to ask Ling: “I now become a widow, how can you marry me?”Unexpectedly Ling Said with a smile: “BEFORE things I know, I am not good, I will protect you, no longer let people bully you.”Zhao heard the words of the transit could not help but cover her face and cry, that year is because of her thought, just let her miss the transit, married to Zhang Tianbao that will only domestic violence her husband.Ling and Zhao are childhood friends, two people grew up together, but three years ago, Ling proposed to his parents to marry Zhao, Ling’s parents do not look up to the poor Zhao, firmly do not agree with two people together.At that time, the daughter of the village head was interested in the transit, the parents of the transit in order to climb up the relationship with the village head, they found Zhao, forced Zhao to take the initiative to leave the transit, let him not delay the good future of the transit.Zhao heard the words of ling’s parents, they alienated Ling, and married Zhang Tianbao in the arrangement of elder brother and sister-in-law, did not expect that she also lived a hot life.Zhao married, Ling And did not listen to their parents to marry the daughter of the village head, he has not married waiting for Zhao.When Ling Ri heard zhang Tianbao died, first convinced his parents, and then he found Zhang Junbao proposed to marry Zhao, Zhang Junbao know Ling Ri to Zhao with affection to deep, he was afraid of Zhao heart concerns refused the marriage, just staged a forced zhao remarry drama.Transiting will tell zhao the truth, Zhao did not blame two people, she was grateful, if there is no Zhang Junbao “bihun”, I’m afraid she really missed the transit.Later, Zhao and Ling Had a happy day.They had children and lived happily ever after.

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