Us and India both broken?Us admits failure to catch up with China after three successive failures in test launches. India is a laughing stock

China and Russia are ahead of the United States in hypersonic weapons, and the United States is trying to catch up.Recently, the US air Force chief admitted failure in catching up with China, according to, citing US media reports, the US air Force chief issued a warning.Don’t overemphasize that the US doesn’t have hypersonic weapons.In an attempt to ease the embarrassment, the US changed its rhetoric, saying hypersonic missiles are more suitable for China than for the US.The U.S. Air Force Secretary’s remarks are undoubtedly intended to play down the advantages of hypersonic weapons in the United States, so that the American people think that hypersonic weapons do not play a role, is not essential.Here we go!Most people comfort themselves when they can’t get something or can’t accomplish something they want.The AIR Force chief had a premise for this.The United States conducted three hypersonic missile test launches in April, July and December 2021 respectively, but all ended in failure. According to Murphy’s Law, “Anything that goes wrong will go wrong.”The U.S. Air Force chief believes hypersonic weapons could address China’s concerns, but that the invex-output ratio for the United States is low and must be treated with caution.After three defeats, the Americans did not give up.Later in the report, the AIR Force chief acknowledged the advantages of hypersonic missiles, which have a strong appeal and will continue to develop and deploy hypersonic weapons.The us Air Force chief’s remarks are not an admission of his own incompetence?After USA broke defense, India broke defense.The lack of “foreign guests” at the festival of the Indian Republic has forced organisers to change the way it is held.According to the Global Times, citing Indian media reports, India’s upcoming celebration has been challenged and will have to adjust the way it is held.This is not the first time India has suffered such an embarrassment.In 2021, India invited the British Prime Minister to attend the festival, but the British prime Minister reportedly did not attend the event, citing the outbreak of COVID-19 as an excuse.This year, India has invited the leaders of five Central Asian countries – Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan – to the National Day celebrations.However, the new wave of the epidemic in India directly “persuaded” the leaders of the five Central Asian countries to meet and talk online instead of offline.To ease the embarrassment, the Indian side decided to invite some ordinary people, such as anti-epidemic medical workers, to the celebration, which will be the second year in a row without a foreign leader as the main guest.Even India may wonder why it has been stood up so many times.It’s actually pretty easy to understand.The epidemic is just an excuse to get away, but more because India has overestimated its own appeal and imagined itself to be too powerful.Besides, the five Central Asian states have their own national affairs to deal with, so there is no time for India.Both the US and India have become a laughingstock. This should be a lesson to both the US and India: take a hard look at themselves and know where they belong.

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