All white. How did Hitler tell jews apart in WORLD War II

Hitler, the instigator of the second world war, was at the height of his notoriety, a man of high spirits and many followers as he slaughtered the battlefields of Europe.But there is no denying that Hitler’s political and military skills were too great to call him a genius.His well-timed speech made more and more German soldiers crazy about it. In the endless bloodshed and violence, Jews became the biggest victims.It is hard to understand why Hitler hated the Jews so much, and what the Jews had done as one of the most intelligent races.Problems were inevitable in the mass slaughter of Jews.How did Hitler distinguish between Jews who were all white?Shockingly, German soldiers checked people’s pants one by one, and the method was always accurate.With time and efficiency, millions of Jews died at the hands of the German army, a third of the total jewish population!So let’s take a closer look at the German method of analysis.Hitler had long held a grudge against the Jews, who had been “stirring up” in Germany since 1918, at the end of The First World War.Hitler was in bed from his war wounds, and he was in a state of agitation.At this time, news of an armed Jewish uprising came from outside, and Hitler’s anger turned uncontrollably on the Jews.Hitler despised the ranks of the Jews, who had never been on the front lines, but now had the hubris to stir at home, adding fuel to the fire.There is no denying the racial wisdom of the Jews, who, in contrast to the poor, have been able to run businesses even under such shock.Hitler needs control, and the best way to win people over now is to get them back to their normal lives.However, Hitler saw the Jews frantically raising prices to make money as if they did not understand the policies, which deepened his dissatisfaction with the Jews.Hitler, on the other hand, was gearing up for a war, but was crushed before it even started.But this did not change his mind, he made speech after speech, received applause, more and more people tend to elect Hitler.Fast forward to 1929, and a capitalist economic crisis has swept the world, with Germany inevitably affected.Hitler knew that this was his best chance to turn things around. He repeatedly encouraged the idea of government incompetence, and he repeatedly presented his vision.That’s how you buy people’s hearts and minds.In 1933, when Hitler officially became Germany’s leader, he took control of the political situation, preparing for war and propagating the idea that Jews were an inferior race.But Hitler had not yet formally attacked the Jews, only in a spiritual way.Until 1938, when World War II broke out and Poland became the first city to fall!Hitler set up a large number of concentration camps in Poland for all but the jews.Jews, in particular, completely lost their dignity as human beings and were tortured to death in concentration camps with little hope.Jews were mostly guinea pigs, stripped naked and sent to the gas chambers, where they soon lost signs of life.In many cases, conscious people are carried to the operating table, their bodies are studied and burned after the dissection.In addition to these, Hitler devised a variety of shocking and terrifying punishments, and these “achievements” reinforced the negative perception of him.So at this point one wonders, how did the German fascists identify jews?They look like ordinary people, and it’s not easy to tell them apart at a glance.In fact, this refers to the special Jewish “birth ceremony”. On the eighth day of the birth of a new baby, Jews will prepare a special ceremony. They will place the baby on a chair, and then cut a scar on the lower part of the baby to mark it.According to jewish law, circumcision represents a connection with God, and they will be god’s chosen people, distinguished and different from other people.It is a central jewish belief that circumcised children grow up to be healthier.Knowing that the Jew had a scar on his body would speed up the soldiers’ efforts to catch him.Such robbery-like behavior is tantamount to hurting jewish pride.After all, they have long been proud of their racial identity, and now they can not stand up to this, it is very weak.The situation forced the Jews to accept the humiliation of the German army, there is a chance of survival, but if they fight to the death, the end is only death.Realizing the situation, Jews quickly fled. They went to other Countries in Europe, hoping for help.Some jews were lucky enough to live a nomadic life in other countries, while the unfortunate ones were expelled and captured by the German Nazis.It is worth mentioning that some of them came to Shanghai, China, at a time when Shanghai’s situation was not clear, but its economic development prospects were clear.The Shanghai government accepted these Jews and gave them a stable place to live and a comfortable life.Later, the Fascist war led by Hitler failed, the Clutches of Nazi Germany were gradually withdrawn, and the remaining two-thirds of The Jewish people could finally breathe.Fleeing Jews around the world are gradually returning home, some to Israel, others to Germany.Of course, there are many people who love their new place and want to live here for a long time, with their children and grandchildren, as a fresh start.There is no doubt about Hitler’s wisdom in detecting the difference between ordinary people and Jews in such a simple and crude way.However, Hitler’s actions were heinous and he hurt the Jewish people deeply until the end of world War II.At this time, let’s think about whether Hitler would make such a choice if he could do it all over again.Many people think so. After all, there are not many men in the history of the world who are as ambitious as he is, and all of them are perfect achievements.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!

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