Miss three shots and no medal!The French veteran made history with two gold and three silver MEDALS in the Winter Olympics

In the men’s 15km collective start, the final biathlon event was held on February 18, Beijing time. The French athlete Cantan-Maye, who had already won two gold MEDALS and three silver MEDALS, missed the target three times in a row in the last standing shot, resulting in a penalty of three laps.It was the only biathlon in which he did not win a medal.In the men’s 15km biathlon today, as in previous competitions, the first round of shooting failed to open a gap between competitors, with the French media saying: “Norway’s men, seeking a fifth medal to draw level with France, were the first to miss by mistake.”He was followed by Cantan.But France pulled away from Norway at the end of the second round, taking longer to shoot after missing the target.It also helped the Norwegians shake off “the flea” – the nickname used by Kontan Maye when he first joined the French team because he followed the other players like a flea.However, by sheer determination and unyielding determination, Contan was able to claw her way back to third place, just 15 seconds behind winner Johannes Tinnees-Boer and just a whisker behind the Second-placed Swede.But in the final round of standing shots, mistakes were made.Cantan missed the target three times in a row and although he pulled himself together to hit the last two targets, he still needed three penalty laps of 150 metres.”He had to watch cruelly as the Swedes and Christian of Norway slipped right under his nose on their way to the podium.”Nevertheless, French newspaper Le Figaro praised it, writing that no French athlete had ever performed so well in the same Games.”His achievements (two golds and three silvers) have become etched in French sports history.”Le Figaro said, consoling his performance: “But given the quality of his previous performances, the mistakes in this match are not worth mentioning…Just like no one can succeed all the time, he can’t stand on the podium all the time.”When it comes to success, quentin is undoubtedly one of the most of those who is eager for success, his teammates in five days ago, said in an interview: “quentin – Mayo from the beginning has been to keep the best state, we in the closed loop” bubble “of Beijing Olympic Games, will not see a lot of people at ordinary times, I feel he has been living in my own world…But today he was clearly “on another planet” as he hit all 20 targets in the men’s 12.5km shoot, which was quite a performance.”Said his teammate.”In any case, Maye has shown that he is determined.Success is reserved for those who want it the most, and Cantan craves it every day.”That’s what The French men’s biathlon coach always says about Contin Maye, said his teammate Emiliane Jacques.

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