Our Festival

The Lantern Festival, which falls on Feb 15, coincides with the peak return trip after the Spring Festival.They may not have thought that there is such a couple in the journey, they stick to the front line, in the name of love to guard the road to family reunion.Zeng Weidong and Li Lingxia work together at Chenzhou West Railway Station. Zeng Weidong is a passenger duty officer and Li Lingxia is a ticket check-in passenger.Because of the shift, although two people work in the same station, it is not easy to meet, often ceng Weidong off work, Li Lingxia came to work again, every three days to see one side.Their daughter will take the national college entrance exam this year, a crucial period, but because of their jobs, Zeng weidong and Li Lingxia usually have one parent at home as well as the other.Since the Spring Festival travel rush, chenzhou West Station has become more crowded with 224 trains and 28,000 passengers during the peak period.The station was crowded and a festive atmosphere was spreading.But for Tsang, the most important thing today was to ensure a safe and smooth passenger movement at the station.As passenger duty, Zeng Weidong needs to take the intercom at any time to understand the dynamics of each post, issue work instructions, guide the site of passenger transport organization, help key passengers……”Train G1302 has begun to check in, please queue up and check in orderly.”The train is coming to the station, please stand within the white safety line, watch the elderly and children around you, pay attention to safety.”.He is always on the run in various posts, more than 20,000 steps a day is the norm.Between the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival this year, Zeng took only four days off, often working overtime at the station after the night shift.As for the regret of being away from his family from time to time, Zeng said: “Lingxia and I are husband and wife, but also colleagues.At work, we support each other;In life, we understand each other.”In his memory, the two seem to spend a few holidays together, are stick to the post, gradually also formed a tacit understanding.On February 15, the Lantern Festival, the station was crowded with passengers and the staff on site was tense. Zeng Weidong, who was supposed to go home from work, volunteered to support the passenger transport work on site.It was also this overtime that enabled Zeng weidong and Li Lingxia to spend the Festival at the station for the first time in eight years.Lunch time, station master Zhu Fengjiang will be prepared in advance of the yuanxiao to their hands, Zeng Weidong and Li Lingxia couples instantly immersed in the festival of unexpected surprises, steaming yuanxiao entrance, a warm feeling also poured into the heart.”For us railroad people, there are no holidays, and the holidays are when passengers need us the most.Especially during the Spring Festival travel rush, it is necessary to work overtime to ensure smooth passenger transport.We are very proud that our small sacrifice can bring the whole family of the passengers together!”Li Lingxia said.In fact, like Zeng Weidong and Li Lingxia such railway husband and wife file, Chenzhou West station still has 4 pairs.They have no sweet words, no romantic date, no festival together, only nervous and busy work, only a word of greeting after work, only to protect the common goal of passengers travel.It is the love of these railway couples that makes the whole Spring Festival travel more peaceful and warm.Editor: Huang Hui

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