Video | Liaocheng Xinxian 15 tons of fresh vegetables a day to help Shanghai

15 tons of kidney beans, cucumbers and other agricultural products are packed and ready to be shipped to Shanghai Jiangqiao Vegetable wholesale market in Liaocheng, East China’s Jiangsu Province, March 29, 2019.”Due to the epidemic, the Shanghai Jiangqiao vegetable wholesale market was closed and the supply of agricultural products in Shanghai was in short supply.As the supplier of Shanghai Jiangqiao Vegetable Wholesale Market, Shennong Home Association will actively organize supply of green, safe and secure fresh vegetables for Shanghai citizens every day under strict epidemic prevention and control measures.”Xinlong Zhang, head of xinlong xinlong family Association said.At the vegetable trading point of Caichang Vegetable Professional Cooperative, Yulou Village, Zhanglu Town, Xinxian County, 15 tons of cucumbers, kidney beans, peppers, xihu and other agricultural products have also been loaded on trucks, ready to be sent to Changchun Haijixing Vegetable wholesale market in Jilin Province.”Eighty or eight tons of vegetables are sent there every day.”Xinxian CAI Chang vegetable cooperatives in charge of yu CAI Guo, the cooperatives and haiji Star vegetable wholesale market has cooperated for three years.”Xinxian has taken various measures to stabilize vegetable production, ensure the supply of high-quality agricultural products, provide material security for large and medium-sized cities across the country, and contribute to the fight against COVID-19.”According to incomplete statistics, there are about 20,000 tons of yams, radishes, potatoes, cabbages and other agricultural products stored in the refrigerated storage facilities of the county’s agricultural production areas, which can be transported and put on the market at any time according to the needs of the epidemic area, said Zhan Dingfeng, director of the first level of agricultural and rural affairs Bureau of Xinxian County.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Sun Yafei, correspondent Sun Chao, Li Jinyin report) Responsible editor: Wang Jianguo signed review: Liu Zhijie shangguan author: Dazhong Daily

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