With 200 million yuan of pocket money a year, hwang sung-yi’s story is better than expected

Huang shengyi’s pocket money is 200 million yuan a year.The money, Yang Zi said, was for Huang Shengyi’s pocket money, as for what she did, whether she earned or lost, it didn’t matter.Yang Zi is Huang Shengyi’s husband.Yang Zi is the chairman of Massive Dynamic Group, in this industry, is the number one in China.It doesn’t hurt to be top in any field.The story of Huang Shengyi and Yangzi is very interesting.Hwang sung-yi has successfully changed everyone’s impression from enduring overwhelming speculation to participating in variety shows with her family in recent years. Her story is better than you might think.Huang Shengyi is a scholarly family.My father graduated from Tsinghua University and is a professor. My mother is a newspaper editor.Wu Jinglian, an economics teacher, is her cousin.His family was privileged and he was a scholar.The family has nurtured her since she was a child.Proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting.Although her parents gave her these hobbies, but the original intention is that she can study well.It is natural for a family of scholars to want their children to be successful in their studies.But when she was 17, she was spotted on the way by a talent scout and entered a Shanghai TV host contest.At this time, those childhood piano, chess, calligraphy, painting and dance basic skills helped her a lot.Grow the United States, good talent, she was generous no accident won the award, but also by the TELEVISION station “bright stars” column hired as the host.Her parents probably never imagined that hwang would be on her way to stardom.With such a foundation, Huang shengyi chose to apply for nortel university when he graduated from high school and was successfully admitted.02, Huang Shengyi entered The Nortel smooth sailing.First, he was in Red Apple Land.It didn’t take long for her to have her career’s highlight moment.Stephen Chow held auditions for the leading actress in Kung Fu.Hwang stood out from thousands of other candidates.Huang Shengyi pure appearance, I still pity the temperament, let her become “Kung Fu” in the most beautiful scenery.Her role as a mute girl became popular as soon as the film was released.When she was chosen by Chow as the leading lady, she signed a contract with his company xinghui.Signed the company has restrictions, the company has a provision, that is, the artist can not privately accept work.But Huang shengyi took the job privately.The job was to shoot pictures for FHM magazine.But the magazine to Huang Shengyi took the photo style is very mature, and the company wants to continue to make Huang Shengyi pure jade style completely inconsistent.The magazine was selling well at that time, and as soon as it went public, the company knew that she had secretly accepted the job.In addition, the photos were not beautiful and different from the company’s positioning for her at that time, which not only caused great difficulties for the company’s subsequent promotion of her.It also led many of the original advertisers to cancel their contracts.These, let the company very angry, decided to hide her.Huang Shengyi learned that the company to hide themselves, hurriedly held a press conference, for their grievances.Finally, he had a lawsuit with the company.Termination successful.But at that time, Huang shengyi was just a newcomer. How could she have the money and courage to compete with a mature brokerage firm?Actually what a lot of people do not know is that huang Shengyi already had strong backing behind him at that time.That man was Yangzi.Yangzi, born in 1975, was married and openly had a daughter when he met Huang shengyi.But there has been no clear word on divorce.At this point, some rumors about Huang Shengyi and Yang Zi have begun to emerge, but Huang Shengyi and Yang Zi are just friends.After breaking his contract with Stephen Chow, Huang signed a contract with a film and television company invested by Yang Zi.Later, she and Yangzi starred in “Heaven and Fairy match” on CCTV.Although Hwang’s beauty is somewhat diminished, the story is also somewhat crude.But with its smooth story and familiar characters, the show has done particularly well.Huang Shengyi’s career was unexpectedly revived, while Yang Zi, a pure outsider, was also unexpectedly popular.Many things grow in trees that never grow in trees.Since this is possible, Yang Zi and Huang Shengyi will join hands to enter the entertainment industry.Together in a number of works, in a lot of public occasions is in and out together, seems close.Hence, “small three” hearsay once again spread out.For this, Huang Shengyi in many interviews, have denied that he is a mistress.Also specifically issued a clarification.Huang said he was “no longer a star girl, and never a mistress. I am always trying to be myself.”At the same time, she also firmly denied her romantic relationship with Yang Zi.And hope everyone can put aside gossip, see a hard work, career success of her.Later, Huang shengyi became the head of Yangzi Film company, but they remained good friends.In 2011, Yang Zi also complained angrily for Huang shengyi, saying that she could not bear the slander against him.But a year later, news broke that Hwang had given birth.The source was Internet user Ju Chunlei, but the news was denied by Huang shengyi and Yang Zi’s agent.Mr. Hwang’s agent, who gave his client’s schedule, said the actor had been making movies.It takes time to give birth to a child.Yang Zi also angrily said that this was not true.The whole thing went away.After that, Huang shengyi continued to make films and attended various events with Yang Zi, ignoring the rumors that Yang Zi’s father died a few years later.Photos of Huang Shengyi in mourning at the scene leaked out.The appearance of a three-year-old boy at the same time has revived discussions about her relationship with Yang Zi.At this point, Yang zi finally let go and admitted that he and Huang Shengyi had obtained the license in 2007 and had a son, Andy, in 2012.According to the data, Yang Zi divorced his ex-wife in 2004.And the dates on the papers are right.Therefore, in theory, Huang Shengyi and Yang Zi began to know each other after his divorce.But if that’s the case, why have they been so secretive.Yang Zi’s ex-wife Tao Hong graduated from Fudan University and served as an executive in Yang Zi company for a long time. Although Yang Zi divorced, the relationship between them did not become stiff, and Huang Shengyi’s relationship is also good.Yang zi explained that he did not announce the news of his divorce in order to reduce the damage to his son, Yang Hairun, who was still young at the time.The delay in announcing the divorce protected Yang to the greatest extent possible.In order to protect Yang Hairun, Huang Shengyi really suffered a lot of grievances.Moreover, Huang shengyi and Yang Hairun have always maintained a good relationship, and she attended Yang’s graduation ceremony and other important occasions.Although Yang Hairun is not in China at ordinary times, he often gets together with Huang Shengyi when he is free.As a stepmother, Huang shengyi did a good job.A few years later, Huang shengyi gave birth to a second son.In 2018, Huang Shengyi took her children to the variety show Mom is Superman, which was the first time she showed her family life to the public in so many years.We found that Huang Shengyi was really good.It is rumored that she bought a 300-square-meter apartment for the show.But she bought the house because it was too big for them to be on the show.They live in their own house with an interior of more than 1,000 square meters.The interior is resplendent.Yang Zi’s mother was a kind grandmother who loved Huang’s two children very much.Kids love amusement parks, so she built one for them at home.The kid loves skiing, so she built a ski resort.Grandma quote: Whatever he wants, I give him.Yang Zi loves drinking tea, so she has a collection of purple clay teapots, many of which are antique and of great value.At their other home, the gym is also big enough to hold a ping-pong table without stress.After the show, Hwang appeared in Sister Who Rides the Waves.The show’s only been on for a few days, and she’s packed eight oversized suitcases.As the show opened, she became the talk of the town because her dress was a notch above everyone else’s.And her show on the rich lady style, also let people talk in succession.After drinking the water, he handed it to Meng Jia.When she got up, Jinchen served her.Anyone else would have done it all pretentious.But it happened that Huang Shengyi’s performance is very natural.There was no particular embarrassment, no bossing around.After all, this is the service she enjoys in her daily life.Of course, her rich wife can not live without her husband Yang Zi.In 2010, Yang zi’s family was worth more than 8 billion yuan.Now after so many years of development, its economic strength can be imagined.But Huang shengyi is not just a person who enjoys, she can lead such a good life, is inseparable from her relationship with her mother-in-law.Huang Shengyi’s mother-in-law is a very enlightened old man, reasonable.But Huang Shengyi is very decent in getting along with her mother-in-law.Huang shengyi’s mother-in-law once made a dress for him out of time-sensitive fabric.The color of this dress is a little old, even a little earthy.The average young girl might not wear it.But Huang Shengyi is different. After she wears it, she not only does not dislike it, but also tells her mother-in-law what needs to be improved.She wore it, not to deal with her mother-in-law, but as a future dress.Her attitude pleased her mother-in-law as an old woman.In daily life, she has been praising her mother-in-law’s ability and character, saying that her mother-in-law earned the first bucket of gold in the family, the family has now all rely on her mother-in-law.She stressed that she must be filial to her mother-in-law now.Her mother-in-law wanted to take a bath. Considering her age, Huang offered to help her.Although the mother-in-law some embarrassed, refused, but sensible Huang Shengyi afraid of the old man fell, has insisted.Facts proved that the old woman still hoped Huang Shengyi to help her, but she was embarrassed to trouble her daughter-in-law.But at Huang’s insistence, she accepted help.Then she said happily, “Now there are some daughters-in-law who can bathe their mother-in-law.”Daily shooting small video, Huang Shengyi’s lens is also indispensable mother-in-law.This is not uncommon in celebrities, even ordinary people.It shows how close Hwang and her mother-in-law are.It is also because of huang Shengyi and her mother-in-law close, let Yang Zi love her more than a few minutes of respect.He himself also regrets, daughter-in-law can do this on, really quite not easy.For a long time, hwang was a polarizing figure.Some people say that she is to rely on endurance to lead today’s rich woman life, too oppressive.Others said that she had a harmonious family, a loving husband and a loving mother-in-law, and lived a wonderful life.It is impossible to judge whether these two statements are right or wrong.But as an actress she hasn’t done much in recent years.She never gave up on herself.The mother of two children has kept her figure in shape.Her dance performance in the variety show was also amazing.And that can’t be done without long-term, uninterrupted training.But in terms of work, she’s really lacking.This is a far cry from what she said about wanting to be truly independent, wanting to be truly productive.This is a high starting point, good conditions for her, it is really a pity.Hopefully, given time, she’ll be the person she once wanted to be.

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