Why does every invigilator have a water glass?It’s not as simple as thirst. Cheating students have nowhere to run

The examination room is a relatively depressed place, in addition to some of the more difficult papers, there is a strong invigilator teacher.It can be said that half of the pressure of most examinees comes from the invigilator.Invigilator teachers have a common point, in and out of the examination room will take a glass of water, every time the invigilator in the examination room to pick up a glass of water to drink, this small action will cause certain pressure on the candidates, some students will think, invigilator this small action, whether secretly monitoring yourself?Therefore, many students will also wonder why most invigilators will take a glass of water into the examination room. Is it really just for fear of thirst and prepare a glass of water?Why does every invigilator have a water glass?For most of the examinees, the exam time passes very quickly, after all, immersed in thinking about the question, if you don’t pay attention to it may be half an hour.But for the invigilator, invigilator is a very boring thing, but pick up the hand of the cup, not only can solve the problem of thirst, but also take advantage of this to monitor students, let cheating students nowhere to escape.Teachers often pretend to drink water with their heads down, but also secretly monitor students to see if anyone is cheating, and if so, they will catch the students cheating.Invigilator boring, drinking water to kill time: invigilator time is relatively long, an exam about two hours, some exams may be as long as three hours, this for the invigilator teacher, is absolutely a test of endurance.After all, the invigilator cannot look at the phone, nor can he always look at the test paper, nor can he spend more time staring at a particular student in the examination room.Otherwise it will affect the normal play of students, so teachers often in this case, using the action of drinking water, to kill the boring time, hoping that the invigilator can end earlier.Personal habits, also belong to the health hobby: drinking water itself is a healthy habit, drinking more water will make the body state better, for some teachers who pay attention to health, drinking water can make the voice more healthy.After all, there are a lot of teachers, will have dry throat itching symptoms, but drinking water can effectively alleviate this problem, many invigilators, according to their own preferences, will soak some tea in the cup.Drinking water in the examination room will naturally become a very enjoyable thing. Many students always suspect that teachers are monitoring themselves when drinking water. Maybe it is the students themselves who think too much, and drinking water is just the teacher’s personal habit.Do not want to be invigilator too much attention, students should avoid the following 2 points to avoid strange clothes: if you do not want to be invigilator too much attention in the examination room, then it is suggested that students, must avoid strange clothes, do not wear some style more exaggerated clothes, or colorful fashion.Fancy dress will cause the invigilator’s attention, after all, dress very fashionable, will stand out in many candidates, invigilator want to not pay attention to you are very difficult.Going to the bathroom during the exam: 15 minutes before the exam begins, the invigilator will emphasize to the students that they are not allowed to go to the bathroom during the exam, but some students do not follow this rule.In the middle of the exam will signal to the teacher, his stomach is uncomfortable, want to go to the toilet, in this case, the invigilator will have doubts about you.Thinking that going to the toilet is just an excuse, students may take this opportunity to secretly look for the answer to the test paper.Want to play stably, how should examinee do during the exam?Prepare for the exam in advance, in the early stage of the exam, most students have no direction, do not know how to review lessons, will be more helpful to their academic performance.In fact, the most important part of examination review is not to review more difficult questions, but to review more basic knowledge.A lot of students are not excellent, because the basic knowledge is not solid, only to learn more solid basic knowledge, test results will improve.Before entering the examination room, students should make all preparations and prepare their study tools. No whispering is allowed in the examination room after graduation.If on the way to the exam, find their stationery is missing, want to ask other students to help, will attract invigilator’s complaint.May also suspect that you are taking the opportunity to cheat, only they have prepared all the learning tools in advance, can let the test play normally, to avoid some unnecessary problems.Don’t panic in the face of the teacher, the exam for students, not only rely on IQ, but also test psychological quality, if the student’s own psychological quality is very poor, then in the examination room will be easy to nervous.Especially to see the serious invigilator, you will give yourself pressure, in fact, this is not necessary, do not make a bad conscience, not afraid of ghosts knocking.Invigilator teacher just into their own responsibility, invigilator every student normal examination, as a candidate, as long as abide by the rules of the exam, not afraid of invigilator teacher find their own trouble.So in the face of the invigilator, do not have too much psychological pressure, but with a stable state of mind, so that their examination play better.Write in the end: the exam is every student need to experience the process, during the exam, abide by the rules of the examination room, respect the invigilator teacher, is the responsibility of every student, advise you candidates, strive to improve themselves, will harvest good results.As a candidate, what do you think you can do to make your scores better?

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