Yang Miao community to do real do fine “micro” grid, party and group to create a “epidemic free” community

Qilu evening news · JiLuYi journalists Cui Lihui correspondent Meng Fankui face is still severe epidemic situation in complex, kenley district town dong Yang temple community seriously implement the epidemic prevention and control work deployment requirements, established a team of party members, community worker, grid, LouDongChang epidemic prevention and control of volunteer team, do real fine “grid”, create “non-infected community”,Jointly build the “first line of defense” for epidemic prevention and control.Yangmiao Community fully implemented the “five packs one” system, gave full play to the role of grid service management and the advantages of grid personnel familiar with each other, divided the grid into “micro” grids based on building units, established epidemic prevention work group, and released the latest epidemic related work information in a timely manner, forming a flat and efficient implementation system.Based on a “online and offline” two line publicity platform, online help WeChat group number, circle of friends, video, public network platform, such as offline grid, civilian police, grid coordinator use household visits, post epidemic prevention publicity banners, posters, warm prompt, such as the carrier, comprehensively launched a community worker, property management personnel, LouDongChang multivariate power, party members and volunteers,Guard the “building” minimum unit.In the face of the epidemic, Yangmiao Community has given full play to the leading role of Party building, the role of party organizations as fighting fortresses and the exemplary role of party members.Community quickly gathered the party members’ vanguard, active in epidemic prevention and control, grasped the nettle, charge before, and with the community people, grid, spear part, volunteer work on epidemic prevention and control publicity, personnel MoPai controls, nucleic acid testing to help, such as work, posters and epidemic prevention in key sites of more than 200 copies of signed MoPai pledge, 125,Creating a strong atmosphere of unity and fighting together against the epidemic.”In the face of the epidemic, Party members should be at the forefront and ready to fight at any time. This is a sense of responsibility, but also a responsibility!”Yang Temple community second grid party member Cui Yanmei said.To ensure vaccination work orderly, community grid member overtime vaccination screening work, staff due to the telephone inform vaccine immunization third vaccination needle point, aimed at older disabled old man by community groups vehicles to institutes of vaccination, unable to come downstairs of the old man accompanied by grid member of staff for the door.At the same time, the people quarantined at home will be observed and followed up by “five packs and one pack” (community workers, grid workers, medical workers, police and volunteers) established by the community.”Grid staff are very responsible. They send me wechat messages every day to ask if they have any needs in daily life and their physical condition. They take these things very seriously and often send some preventive knowledge on wechat.A home quarantine personnel said.

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