Every piece warms the heart!This year’s list of 25 practical things for the people in Fujian has been released, all of which are your concern!

Is there anything you care about on this year’s list of 25 things to do for the people?Recently, the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government have released a notice on the implementation of the project for the Privately-run affairs in 2021.In strict accordance with the work plan of the CPC Provincial Committee and the provincial government, relevant departments at all levels have made every effort to overcome the impact of the epidemic, scientifically arranged the progress, and strengthened overall coordination. The provincial finance has timely allocated 13.719 billion yuan of project funds, effectively ensuring the full completion of 29 projects benefiting the people.360 million yuan was allocated from provincial financial subsidies for the construction of a major epidemic treatment base, 112.5% of the annual plan.(I) Phase II project of Jinshan Hospital district of Provincial Hospital: Top sealing of main structure of infected building, and negative two-story structure construction of basement in other areas.(II) Phase II project of The West Hospital of Union Hospital: The main structure of the infected building is constructed to the fourth floor, while the basement of the ward building is under negative two-floor construction.(III) The main project of Binhai New City Hospital Phase II has been capped.Improving health emergency rescue and disposal capacity All localities in The province have refined project implementation plans and fund arrangements as required, and completed the establishment and equipment of 95 emergency response teams.Health emergency response teams at the provincial, municipal and county levels carry out regular training and drills to improve their health emergency response capabilities.Six biosafety level 2 (P2) negative pressure laboratories built in Zhangzhou, Sanming, Nanping, Ningde and Pingtan comprehensive Experimental areas have been accepted and met the requirements for use.About 2.02 billion yuan was allocated from provincial-level government subsidies to improve the capacity of basic public health services, 101.92 percent of the annual plan.According to the budget of 40.365,400 million people, the per capita subsidy will reach 81.83 yuan this year, fulfilling the 2021 target.A total of 256 million yuan from provincial government subsidies will be allocated to increase the supply of high-quality medical resources at the provincial level.(I) The Provincial Maternity Hospital will be officially put into operation on November 19, 2021.(II) The First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University Will officially put into operation on December 28, 2021.The provincial financial subsidy fund for expanding infant care services was 26 million yuan, and the 4 million yuan originally planned to subsidize the construction of pilot units in Xiamen was replaced by the city and has been implemented.The province’s 30 pilot units have all completed construction and acceptance.A total of 115 million yuan in provincial-level government subsidies for implementing the national fitness project was allocated.1. Orderly progress has been made in building 20 smart parks and six fitness centers, which are expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2022.(II) More than 2,400 online and offline national fitness activities were held in the whole province, with more than 1.2 million people participating.A total of 634 million yuan was allocated from provincial-level government subsidies to promote the universal, inclusive, safe and quality development of preschool education, 100.37% of the annual plan.(I) The province has started 212 projects, and 72,000 new degrees can be added after completion.We continued to carry out the pilot program for supporting preschool education in remote rural areas, and supported the recruitment of 668 volunteers in 451 supporting preschool education centers on tour, enrolling nearly 10,000 children.(2) Implementing provincial demonstration training programs such as training for improving the ability of principals and teachers, training 4,092 people in total, and carrying out activities of sending provincial-level experts to teach grassroots students.Provincial-level government subsidies for implementing priority employment projects reached 982 million yuan, 136.77% of the annual plan.(I) 520,100 new urban jobs were created throughout the year, 104.02% of the annual target;The registered urban unemployment rate was 3.33%, keeping it within the target of 5% for the year.(2) In the province, an additional 14,100 high-quality farmers with technical secondary school education or above were trained, an additional 124,700 high-quality farmers were trained, and 1.225 million rural practical technology distance training were carried out, all of which had fulfilled the annual target.(3) 644 students were recruited for completing the “Three support and One Support” plan, 300 for college students’ volunteer service plan in underdeveloped areas, and 300 for community service plan.(4) The province has carried out various kinds of subsidized vocational skills training for 941,800 people and issued more than 840,000 vocational training vouchers, with the use rate of training vouchers ranking among the highest in China.(5) The province evaluates and determines 110 outstanding graduate entrepreneurship projects, and subsidize them according to standards.A total of 95 million yuan of provincial financial subsidies for the implementation of the elderly service upgrading project was allocated.The province has upgraded 163 home-based community elderly care centers (including those built by local governments), and built and upgraded 85 rural regional elderly care centers (including those built by local governments).A total of 124 million yuan in provincial-level government subsidies was granted to raise basic living allowances for orphans and children who have no one to support them.The standard of basic living allowance has been raised to 1,800 yuan per person per month for orphans in centralized care, and 1,400 yuan per person per month for orphans living in scattered communities.Provincial-level government subsidies totaling 528 million yuan were fully implemented, 106.67 percent of the annual plan.Living allowances for disabled persons in financial difficulties increased to 92 yuan per person per month, and subsidies for secondary care for severely disabled persons in financial difficulties increased to 92 yuan per person per month.The subsidy for primary care has exceeded 30 percent of the minimum standard set by the provincial government for rural subsistence allowances and will not be adjusted in 2021.Provincial-level government subsidies amounted to 197 million yuan for the food Safety Project, 115.2 percent of the annual plan.All work tasks have been completed.Among them, the sampling inspection indexes of food safety reached the annual target tasks, the overall qualified rate of sampling inspection of main agricultural products in the province was 99.3%, the overall qualified rate of sampling inspection of processed food was 99.1%, and there were no food safety accidents of higher level or above.Monitoring of food contaminants and harmful factors in food has been carried out in all counties (cities and districts), and more than 20,000 risk monitoring samples have been completed.A total of 1,134 medical institutions have been set up to monitor foodborne diseases, including all medical institutions that conduct diagnosis and treatment of foodborne diseases, and 64,300 cases of foodborne diseases have been reported.Provincial-level government subsidies for the renovation of old urban residential areas reached 1.326 billion yuan, fulfilling 207.19% of the annual plan.The whole province completed the transformation of 534 old residential areas.Provincial-level government subsidies for low-income housing projects reached 2.281 billion yuan, 118.2% of the annual plan.(I) 72,000 new shantytowns have been renovated in the province;40,000 units have been basically completed, with a completion rate of 181.82%.(II) More than 21,800 rental houses were added in the province, 128.59% of the annual plan.Among them, Fuzhou added 7,135 units, Xiamen added 12,684 units, and other districts and cities added 2,040 units.The provincial financial subsidy of 40 million yuan for the construction of urban public parking facilities was issued.The province added 14,000 urban public parking Spaces throughout the year.The provincial financial subsidy of 96 million yuan for the construction and upgrading of urban greenway was issued.The whole province built and upgraded 570 kilometers of green road.Provincial government subsidies for the construction of municipal sewage pipelines amounted to 259 million yuan, 103.6% of the annual plan.1341 kilometers of municipal sewage pipe networks were built or renovated in the province, 149% of the annual plan.Implementing the Rural Water Supply Guarantee Project xiX. Implementing the Rural Water Supply Guarantee Project The provincial financial subsidy funds were allocated 811 million yuan, completing 154.18% of the annual plan.The rural water supply project was implemented, benefiting 579,900 people, or 105.44 percent of the annual plan.Provincial-level government subsidies for rural domestic sewage treatment reached 283 million yuan, 141.5% of the annual plan.The province completed domestic sewage treatment tasks in 454 villages, 227% of the annual plan.Provincial-level government subsidies for implementing the “Four good Rural roads” totaled 1.905 billion yuan, 184.06% of the annual plan.1. We built and upgraded 2,326 kilometers of rural roads, 232.6 percent of the annual plan.2. Renovate 226 dilapidated Bridges, accomplishing 125.6% of the annual plan.3. We improved the security of rural roads by 2,192 kilometers, 219.2 percent of the annual plan.A total of 10.36 million yuan from provincial government subsidies for the implementation of road traffic safety remediation projects was allocated.The rectification of 372 major road traffic safety hazards has been completed.A total of 241 million yuan in provincial-level government subsidies for protecting and utilizing urban and rural history and culture was set aside.(I) To complete the protection and utilization of 10 historical and cultural blocks (traditional streets and alleys) with an investment of 400 million yuan.2. Completed the improvement and upgrading of 52 famous historical and cultural towns and villages and traditional villages, with an investment of 839 million YUAN.A total of 57 million yuan from provincial government subsidies for waste sorting was allocated.The sorting coverage rate of household garbage in residential areas in urban built-up areas of the province has reached more than 60%.19 towns and streets or districts in the province have been built into domestic waste classification demonstration areas;All districts and cities (including Pingtan) have built kitchen waste (restaurant kitchen) waste and large waste treatment facilities;We standardized the collection of 715.52 tons of hazardous waste, and strengthened oversight of the exhaust gas emissions from 34 domestic waste incineration power plants.The report on the use and recycling of disposable plastic products in the commercial field was deployed and launched, and the pilot construction of recycling outlets of renewable resources in all districts and cities (including Pingtan) was supported;Twenty-seven enterprises in the province have been selected into the renewable resources industry standard enterprise list of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (5 of them will be newly selected in 2021), with an annual capacity of 12.77 million tons of steel scrap, 240,000 tons of waste plastics and 60,000 tons of waste textile fiber.The project to upgrade electricity services completed the upgrading of power supply and distribution facilities in 464 old residential areas, 125.4% of the annual plan.4,874 power supply stations were added (renovated), 139.3% of the annual plan;4 million smart electricity meters were renovated, 105.3% of the annual plan;The construction of 4,243 charging piles was completed, 106.1 percent of the annual plan.Provincial-level government subsidies for the comprehensive treatment of soil erosion reached 371 million yuan, 123.67 percent of the annual plan.The province has completed comprehensive control of soil erosion of 829,900 mu, 110.65% of the annual plan.Provincial-level government subsidies for building a safe, ecological and water system reached 309 million yuan, 176.57% of the annual plan.The whole province completed river control for 252.23 kilometers, 126.12% of the annual plan.A total of 43.75 million yuan in provincial government subsidies for comprehensive treatment of floating garbage was issued.The provincial department of ecology and environment and other 12 provincial-level units improved the joint meeting mechanism to guide, coordinate and urge the promotion of the work :(1) formulate the implementation plan for the comprehensive treatment of floating garbage in 2021, and specify the requirements for annual tasks, indicators and progress.(2) Issued and implemented The Administrative Measures on Awards and Subsidies for Comprehensive Treatment of Floating Garbage in Fujian Province, which led local governments to invest nearly 231 million yuan in the treatment of floating Garbage.(3) The province completed the construction of 56 intelligent monitoring systems for key coastal sections, and coastal counties and districts set up “Marine sanitation” teams. They organized the removal of 125,500 tons of floating garbage in the whole year, and the distribution density of floating garbage in key coastal sections decreased by 45.85% year-on-year.A total of 349 million yuan was allocated from provincial-level government subsidies for agricultural insurance premiums, 134% of the annual plan.The total agricultural insurance premium of the province was 1.15 billion yuan, up 6.09% year on year;The amount of risk protection was about 380.7 billion yuan, up 9.46 percent year on year.The province’s rice planting (seed production) insurance coverage area of 7.31 million mu, forest coverage area of 11.53 million mu, breeding insurance coverage of 6.54 million sows, finishing pigs, cows, rural housing insurance coverage of 7.32 million households;Insured 73,794 fishermen and 8,414 fishing boats;The insurance covers about 380,000 mu of specialty planting of vegetables, fruits, flowers and tea, 12.82 million bags of edible fungi, 7.44 million layers, 17,500 cows and 7.92 million rabbits.2023 to you to do in 2023 as the provincial party committee and provincial government to work for people “, the provincial government portal website to open a column (https://www.fujian.gov.cn/zwgk/ztzl/swhszfwmbss/?id=35041), to the public consultation,Welcome the majority of netizens to actively give suggestions and suggestions, and jointly improve the practical work for the people, help the practical work for the people to do actual results, do better.Source: fujian daily, new client reporter: fujian Lin Yuxi art: Chen Yu crystal editor: Zhou Renan audit: Chen Yuhuang, LeiGuangMei, Zheng Lihong image: journal of fujian, fuzhou district distribution, focusing on the sanming, pingtan, fuzhou strait metropolis daily, China Daily, the jimei, fujian live build, discipline inspection, fujian mindong journal

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