Folk tale: the father was framed and imprisoned for being an upright official, and the daughter went blind to save her father

In the East China Sea, there is a buddhist net temple, in which there is a collection of embroidered Buddhas, twenty four feet long and eight feet across.The Buddha’s head is covered with long hair and his face is like the full moon.His chest was covered with silk threads, hanging down like a cobweb.Left hand when the chest, wan Fu word;He holds a feather fan in his right hand, and his water-patterned cassock hangs below.The Buddha sits, with his right arm and bare feet, on top of a dragon head.The dragon had a body in the sea, spitting out a white mist, which floated up into the sky into the sun and the moon.Under the white fog are snakes and fish, all scrambling to come to worship Buddha, Buddha slightly closed his eyes, compassionate sentient beings.In the upper part, the Diamond Sutra is written in exquisite small letters, with fine handwriting like hair. At the end, it is written with a date and a month, and the female disciple Ye Zhai jie bath is embroidered with hair.Left gap place also wrote a paragraph of description, the article is very long, only remember to write about Zhejiang ye Dazhong, official to the imperial Hanlin history, upright, often impeach the dynasty dignitaries.A senior official bribed him with a famous painting and calligraphy works, he not only did not accept, but will be more severe impeachment;Finally let pirates framed Ye Zhong, the emperor dismissed him, into prison, sentenced to beheading.The son of Ye Dazhong also is an upright child, face father’s injustice also be at a loss what to do, his daughter is called Xiaoxiang, it is a filial child, know father is framed, pray for god day and night, finally got god induction.Xiaoxiang was twenty-four years old and very good at embroidery. She pulled out her long hair and embroidered the Diamond Sutra with fine gold needles. It took two years.On the completion of the day, Ye Dazhong also got the emperor’s grace, was released from prison, the reward Huiwen guan, early retirement, no longer on the court.Xiaoxiang since embroidered Buddha, the eyes can hardly see things, and the blind have no difference, not a door-to-door proposal.Ye Dazhong nearly 60 years old, sick and died, Xiaoxiang just 25 years old.Ye Dazhong died before holding the hands of his two sons, asked them to take good care of her sister, do not let her homeless street.After the death of their father, although the two elder brothers remember their father’s last words, but the two sister-in-law is very bad, the chicken has not called let Xiaoxiang get up to work.Xiaoxiang cry every day, the brothers also began to dislike.Suddenly there is a Kunlun goddess, and a few attendants, wearing green fairy clothes, from the sky, came to xiaoxiang door.Ask xiaoxiang: “girl eye disease, because you have been sitting embroidery, hurt his liver lung, not really blind.I can steal some water from the Heavenly River from heaven, so that the girl can see again. How will you repay me?”Xiaoxiang replied: “The fairy is a god, can let me see the light again, I then with life mutually promise.”Kunlun fairy said, “The girl is good at embroidering. I want the girl to embroider a pair of dragons and phoenixes, one red and one white, as a dowry for the god of heaven. But don’t point your eyes, maybe the dragons and phoenixes will fly away.”Xiaoxiang nodded.The Kunlun fairy took out the golden labyrinth from her sleeve and slightly scraped xiaoxiang’s eyelashes, leaving many tears.Then take out a small jade bottle, there is nectar stored inside, like milk, Kunlun fairy drops nectar into xiaoxiang eyes.Tell her to wait by the stove for a while, and then open her eyes brighter than before.Then give her some plaster take again, xiaoxiang’s heart is also comfortable many, no longer depressed.Buy damask cloth from the market the next day, Xiaoxiang began to work, Kunlun fairy to guide every day, specific style color.After a few days, the dragon and phoenix were finished. The Kunlun fairy lit her eyes and the dragon and phoenix suddenly became alive. They flew into the courtyard and waited for takeoff.So Kunlun fairy with Xiaoxiang, one sitting dragon, one sitting phoenix, the sky flew away.The family looked up and shouted Xiaoxiang, but the girl had not heard.Kunlun fairy removed the clouds to look down, said: “below the mortals don’t be surprised, Xiaoxiang girl filial piety, touched the gods, now please go to the sky to do a goddess, from now on no longer tired sister-in-law.”The whole city, men, women and children, all saw Xiaoxiang sitting phoenix fly away.Brother sister-in-law immediately incense prayer, Shouting xiaoxiang’s name, brother is kneeling to regret.Later, there was a bird in the mountains. Whenever it came to the turn of spring and summer, it would fly and cry, “Sister-in-law deceives sister-in-law.”Until the fall.This is to prove a word, a good man deceives god.

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