North Nissan Xuan Yi special 2 sets of comprehensive discount 16,000

NISSAN Tiger Jumps to Celebrate New Year!Multiple gifts waiting for you to enjoy!: From 1000 yuan in advance to 3500 yuan in insurance voucher;: Go to the store to buy a new generation of Qijun, you can get a high value of 4500 yuan boutique gift package;: Old car replacement to enjoy 19000 yuan, straight to the car!0 down payment low monthly payment, a variety of financial options, easy to buy a car without pressure.: To the store test drive designated multiple luxury gifts you choose!: If you buy e-Power at the store, you can participate in the exchange of 2,000 yuan for 5,000 yuan insurance voucher;: Super value purchase 5 years 10 maintenance / 150,000km warranty, 5 years of car free, safe driving, enjoy the car service, except Tuda;: After-sale New Year blessing gift;Activity details please call/shop consultation!!Call our 400 hotline, that is, exclusive consultants will contact you, open the VIP green channel for car purchase!Address:Yangzhou Hanjiang District Heye East Road 68 Chengbei International Motor City (thin West Lake to the north) Model name Naked car price discount drop Guide price operation 2022 e-power super smart drive MAX155,900 0.00 155,900 PRICE price 2022 E-powerAll-electric drive Pro13.89 than 000.1389 million inquiry 2022 e – POWER at PLUS14.99 than 000.1499 million inquiry 2022 classic 1.6 XL CVT deluxe edition 1.0960901186 trillion inquiry 2022 classic 1.6 XECVT comfort edition 97,600 1.10 108,600 inquiry 2022 classic 1.6XE manual comfort edition 88,800 1.10 99,800 inquiry 2022 TOP CVT luxury edition 144,900 0.00 144,900 inquiry 2022款 1.6L XLCVT wisdom at 1.3390001339 trillion inquiry 2022 section 1.6 L XL CVT yue enjoy version 1.2990001299 trillion inquiry 2022 XE 1.6 CVT shu premium edition 1.190000119 trillion inquiry note:Vehicle prices are subject to change at any time, please pay attention to the local market (a small program has been added here, please go to the Smart car terminal to check)

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