The comprehensive administrative law enforcement team of Guizhou Province’s Transportation has carried out the special action of “cracking down on irregularities and eliminating violations”

In order to fully promote the special action of “cracking down on illegal and preventing violations” in the field of transportation, focus on preventing and resolving major safety risks, and ensure the sustainable safety and stability of the road situation in the area under the jurisdiction of Guizhou Province, on April 5, a brigade of the sixth comprehensive administrative law enforcement team of Transportation carried out the special work of “cracking down on illegal and preventing violations” in the toll stations under the jurisdiction.This activity was carried out jointly with the high-speed traffic police and the comprehensive administrative law enforcement departments of the local traffic and transportation in the tollstations under the jurisdiction.Mainly for buses, freight vehicles, network operation about cars, suspected of illegal vehicles related documents, the pilot qualifications, the vehicle safety check situation and situation of passenger registration and on the web about vehicle operation, freight vehicles overrun situation one by one check, and the drivers are relevant laws and regulations propaganda, the existence of illegal vehicles,Drivers are required to rectify immediately, so as to pay equal attention to law enforcement, popularization of the law and service.This special operation, 9 m brigade in law enforcement officers, local transportation in comprehensive administrative law enforcement, law enforcement personnel 4 m, 4 m high-speed traffic police on duty to law enforcement officers, a total of 12 13 check freight vehicles, passenger vehicles, 6 about chariots, 1 found illegal during overloading transportation freight vehicles, law enforcement personnel on the spot, ask driver immediately rectification,At the same time to the brigade to accept the illegal behavior, the vehicle is being processed.In the future, the brigade will continue to carry out relevant special law enforcement activities.

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