Changshun launched special actions to purify the social security environment

Recently, changshun County political and legal Committee, county Network information Office, county market Supervision Bureau, county Education Bureau, county Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau, drug control brigade, public security brigade, patrol special police brigade jointly organized to carry out the cult anti-propaganda products, pornography, gambling and drug related risk investigation and rectification of special action.In the investigation of the campus surrounding, bookstores, stationery shops, printing shops and other places, the inspection team took the form of visit, inquiry, investigation, to understand whether there are suspicious people who believe evil, spread evil, and required the printing shop to prohibit the printing of cult-related graphic materials, found that someone printed cult-related graphic materials, timely report to the public security organ;Bookstores and stationery stores are required to prohibit the sale of cult-related graphic materials, pornographic and horror stories books, audio and video.In the investigation of Internet cafes, KTV, hotels, pharmacies, logistics delivery and other industrial sites, the inspection team focused on checking the real-name registration system, the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, carefully identified the clues and people involved in pornography, gambling and drug problems, and conducted routine checks on suspicious people in the register.Industry operators should standardize their operations, strictly implement the real-name registration system and epidemic prevention and control measures.We should strengthen internal personnel management, resolutely prevent illegal activities such as allowing others to take drugs or gather people to gamble, and report suspicious behaviors to public security organs in a timely manner.It is reported that the operation of the inspection of all kinds of industrial places more than 30, ordered rectification of 2, access to more than 200 books, check horror story books 10 books.The special action effectively deterring criminals, improve the area of the people’s sense of security satisfaction.Next, Changshun county will continue to organize such inspection activities, continue to consolidate a good social security environment with a strong high-pressure situation.Guizhou Daily sky eye news reporter Long Bei editor Yan Ou editor dry Jiang Dong Li Zhongdi

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