China’s mobile phone market “big reshuffle” : No. 1, Huawei only ranked sixth

Introduction: At the beginning of the New Year, both individuals and enterprises will review the achievements of the past year, although many people believe that with the Spring Festival approaching, all major mobile phone manufacturers can create a better development situation and lay a solid foundation for 2022.But a poor performance by qualcomm Xiao dragon 888 processor, the influence of the momentum of development in our country each big mobile phone manufacturer are not as people expected to be strong, and is affected by the common parties factors such as processor, mobile phone market share ranking in the fourth quarter of 2022, great changes have taken place, each big mobile phone manufacturer rankings,It also triggered a wide discussion in the mobile phone industry.According to China’s mobile market share rankings for the fourth quarter of 2022, Huawei came in at no. 6, while Honor Took the fourth place, with Apple as the expected no. 1.In the fourth quarter of 2021, Huawei successfully occupied the top position in China’s mobile phone market share, but with the constraints of the external environment and the backwardness of its own technical support, huawei’s mobile phone market share also showed a continuous decline.Different from the continuous decline of Huawei mobile phones, the market share of Honor Company has achieved a steady increase. From the perspective of honor Company’s progress, the competition among major domestic mobile phone manufacturers is very fierce, which means that the ranking of mobile phone market share in 2022 will also have many unexpected new changes.As one of the most watched mobile phone companies in the world, Apple’s share of the Chinese market reached 23 percent in the fourth quarter, beating VIVO in second place and setting a new record for its market share, according to the results.China mobile phone market reshuffle, according to relevant institutions analysis the causes of the apple is able to achieve such a great breakthrough, first originated in the preferential price, compared with the past apple series products, in the fourth quarter, the company launched a new product price is more favorable, its price is much lower than the consumer expectations.For many loyal Apple users, the favorable price makes them more determined to choose Apple’s phone, which also causes some users who want to change their phone brand to give up their previous idea and return to Apple’s embrace.In addition, for domestic mobile phones, the performance of snapdragon 888 processor used by flagship models is not very good. Therefore, for many high-end users who are obsessed with the configuration and performance of mobile phones, it is better to choose Apple phones with outstanding performance in all aspects than domestic flagship phones with low cost performance.In order to break the disadvantage of processor, many domestic mobile phone shopping malls have started to use snapdragon 8Gen1 processor. Based on the launch of new flagship phones, the competitiveness of domestic mobile phone manufacturers has been greatly improved.However, compared with Apple’s iPhone13 series products, the new models launched by domestic mobile phone manufacturers still have certain disadvantages. After all, with the retirement of time, the price of iPhone13 series models has begun to decline, which is also a new opportunity for some users with insufficient budget.In addition, iOS system has certain particularity and its internal ecological chain is relatively complete, so for many loyal users of Apple, they will not break the ecological chain of their own electronic products because of the enhancement of the performance of domestic mobile phones.From this point, it can be seen that if domestic mobile phones want to create a broader market, they should pay attention to the improvement of the ecological chain, so as to maintain loyal users and achieve a higher share of the market.Conclusion: On the whole, although domestic mobile phone manufacturers have achieved new breakthroughs and made many excellent achievements in the previous market share competition, there is still a big gap between domestic mobile phone manufacturers and Apple In terms of the overall competitiveness of the company.Although in the short term, on the technology gap between different companies is very difficult to effectively make up for, but looked from the overall development trend of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, over time, our country each big mobile phone manufacturer also will achieve a higher level of development, and make a brand new technology of ecological environment, in order to deliver improved competitiveness

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