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Qingming is the fifth solar term in the 24 solar terms and the fifth solar term in spring.On April 4, 5 or 6 of the Gregorian calendar, when the sun moves to the 15th degree of the Yellow Longitude, it enters the “Qingming” solar termAll things are clear and clean, clear and clear, fresh and pleasing to the eye.Yangchun April, people can not help but go outdoors, fields, hillside, spring outing, feel the beautiful spring, embrace the beautiful spring.Tomb-sweeping Day is the grandest ancestor worship festival of the Chinese nation. It belongs to a traditional cultural festival of paying respect to ancestors and dying with prudence.The Tomb-sweeping Day embodies the national spirit, inherits the sacrificial culture of Chinese civilization, and expresses people’s moral feelings of respecting ancestors and respecting ancestors.Tomb-sweeping Day has a long history, from the ancient times of Spring Festival activities, the spring and Autumn festival, the ancient.Today is the annual Tomb-sweeping day, and some say poetry is most productive in the transitional season between winter and summer where the monsoon climate rules.Before the scholar, every time to this festival, the total unavoidably full of feelings, melancholy, and poetry.”The old man is still selling wine when he is seventy.Roadside elm pod qiao like money, pick to sell wine you will deny.”– Tang Cen Shen (Drama Ask Flower Gate Restaurant Weng)Ceaseless tradition, lanzhou poetry the journey of the 24 solar terms today arrives at tomb-sweeping Day.Zhang Kefu Qingming Spring Scene Qingming grass color new, the suburbs are all grave people.Burning incense and kneeling today are late, parents when filial piety!Shang Shuai (Longnan) Magnolia high free and easy with time, not mortal not envy immortal.Let bing Xin return to self, but invite jade jie flower boat.The Yu Fu (Lanzhou) ancestor worship pear plain surface feeling, liu Xu fei when the meaning of the city.Just meet equinox day and night half, silk chrysanthemum express to qingming.Tao Shengrong (Gao LAN) Qingming is still the spring spring light is the most clear soft, years only this season you.Mo negative youth rashly, peach blossoms fall to the heat cold party.Fu Fu Yun spring breeze in March and Yang warm, drunk guest peach blossom manye open.Huangliu home forest grass at the beginning of green, outing to choose vegetables to children.Yang Yongfa (Lanzhou) Tomb-sweeping day trekking, everywhere burn money worship ancestral graves.Fear not the inflation of the grave, diligence only for posterity.He mountain tomb-sweeping two first one last year in jinxi, paper candle smoke sunset low.Today send sorrow heart yu Yuancrane, fly back to the mountain around the grave cry.Two qingming mountain path grassy, recall speechless topic.Heaven and earth vast and remote apart, the tomb of love to call child regulation.Wang Renwu (Lanzhou) Renyin Qingming festival (new rhyme) spring separate tomb-sweeping festival, a paper ban to catalpa difficult.When will old debts come to the grave before new ones?Yang Fuqiang (Tianshui) Qingming a pear open Longling, silk rain xuan Toon.Pestilence hapen ban feet, burn incense far sacrifice relatives.Two apricot blossom rain run, liu dance new garden.Yan language think kua Father, planted melon dot bean frequency.The sea of flowers sing (new rhyme) far view of the flower waves thousands of heavy, crisscross paths spring tide reflecting the blue dome.Like painting such as poetry field drunk, fragrant floating thousands of apricot cloud red.Su Zhiwen (silver) Qingming feeling Yin (new rhyme) an old clear Ming Bao into reward, new hair yan Grass wang tombs.This increase prayer language for wealth, who was filial piety investigate?Two years old several generations of mountaineering, qingming tomb sweeping disease ruthless.At present, strict and strict rules, masks township wear two layers!Xiao Feng (Jiuquan) Qingming homesickness on both sides of the Yellow River Liu Hao Yang, at the end of spring city hundred hui incense.Li Yao temple difficult to forget, looking at the moon recall hometown.Ding Yonghai qingming every take you read parents, especially 恓 rush.Red candle waving grass on the grave, plop down to count home.Wang Jianzhou Renyin Qingming spring makeup comb element garden, dongfeng main sowing flowers can.Shengxiangxi bird song, since the Qingming into a painting praise.Ding Guangming (Lanzhou) Qingming • Pregnant father green anliu sad color, one to qingming alone sorrow.Night dream kindly hold my hand, wake up when the pillow tears empty flow.Qingming Festival Wing Chun (new rhyme) a tree peach blossom tree sentiment, thousands of branches million blame the spring breeze.River jasper silk countless, let the waist dance non-stop.Qingming festival (a) Spring Festival willow festival Qingming, the old ceremony of the local custom for good.Drizzle pear who intends, thousands of silk million rui always hold entangle.(two) carry forward the traditional sacrifice of the first, the old ceremony of the new wind is good from.Spring rain spring flowers are intentional, thousands of a pulse hair Hualong.Zhang Zhongyin Qingming festival Qingming festival spring ripples, long green onion horn.A thin strand, cooked for parents taste.Zhang Jianxin (Yuzhong Qingcheng) Renyin Qingming Homesick (two first) a Qingming Festival to sorrow, epidemic prevention home stop to stay.A column of xinxiang Ming filial piety, smoke continuously to the tomb.Two window sad look at the west, missing relatives heartbroken.I send a message to the white cloud.Send a piece of heart to heaven.Peng Zhengquan (Gao LAN) Qingming (2) A pear makeup pink white, peach buds reflected red cheeks.Germination turnifying zha of spring rain, tender grass by yellow xiu green moss.Two peach blossom first see apricot open, angry pear fairy to join.Flower sea snow day person interaction, qingming drizzle wash dust.Wu Caixia (Shenzhen) distant offering old relatives solemnity arch zunguwang hometown, gentle breeze drizzle comfort.Late spring color do not cloud butterfly, ling Yu quiet with chrysanthemum mountain.Chen Hui (Lanzhou) Riverside Qingming Festival liu Dongjun combing willow strips, dancing slender waist.Spring swallows twittering wear cui diameter, feihui flowers yu Xiang float.Dan Dan (Lanzhou, Gansu) Qingming with a little sister with the wind to read for a long time, by the dream memory.Number of tears, cold food broken shadow.Dai Zhenfeng (Lanzhou) Qingming festival has been prevented from returning home, ancestors did not dare to forget.Online poetry right for sacrifice, honest and thrifty parents.Xi Yin zero poems love spring breeze, plague ghost people zhuang thought poor.Hope to clear zero heart joy, busy xuan you seek bonuses.Zhou Yucheng (Lanzhou) Qingming desolate solitary tomb night wind, withered grass setting sun yingbi Hui.Dust guest Su Rong remote ancestor worship, ziyun swallow send back.Liao Run (Lanzhou) Qingming instant test acid closed qingming, wine singing wind complaining birds.Mourning can not grave lonely, borrowed remnants of apricot send sentiment.Two spring breeze on both sides of the peach and plum laugh, tomb-sweeping day and only worry.Falling flowers to wine everyone sacrifice, wilderness year after year add a hill.Spring (Guangdong) Qingming festival Qingming festival drizzle cool, the mountain road flowers.Gather bundles to leave thoughts, new branch worship hall.Liu Shunguo qingming festival parents plague devil interference difficult to return home, and qingming to heartbreak.But the heart burning incense wick, flying Cloud Han mourning parents.Chen Qi Qingming Festival has sent to qingming festival tear rain thick, neighbors worship ancestors long.If more filial piety before his death, but win tens of thousands of heavy mianqian.Gan Mingde and Dai Zhenfeng, “Happy Sound of Zero”, the anti-epidemic people sing the wind, the novel coronavirus end map poor.Shenzhou but to clear zero day, thousands of miles of red.Zhang Yunwen (Lanzhou) Qingming Yan cutting willow, bee beard points fall.Spring infinite avoid, beautiful and clear.Law row Tao Shengjun memory qingming ancestor worship (xinyun) Qingming to Longshang, cold invasion north manghai.Mice seek food, jackdaws seek food.Trails are left on the slopes and dust is seen in the fields.Ming ancestors, every year to the tomb.Spring Yin Jincheng (new rhyme) The Yellow River on both sides of liuqingqing, white Tower mountain next to the clear water dissolved.A bridge even nine mo, the group of buildings into the sky.The lights flicker like fairy scenery, beautiful shadow like jade palace.Is the most human move, a moon out of the east peak.Xiao Feng (Jiuquan) Qingming festival remote festival rain vast, looking at nanping heartbroken.Parents fairy go by crane, children and grandchildren worship ancestor tears flow pang.To cherish the memory of grandparents deep feelings, every qingming times think niang.Long sky hongfei send miss, night deep spring rain loomed independently.(Note, Nanping is qingcheng cemetery) Longshang Lay (Gansu Longnan) Qingming festival ancestor worship new grass cattle drunk to sleep, white clouds embellished sunny days.Hundreds of flowers on the strangers for spring, double Yanting praise of the young.Joys and sorrows in March rain, Qingming xiangxu a stream smoke.Candlelight faint catalpa tears, Du Yu sound around the tree top.Liu Shunguo qingming east wind to jincheng, sit to see the universe gas more bright.Swallows dance warbler song fish jump beauty, peach blossom willow green birds contend for glory.Enjoy yangchun Hui leisure, happy shu Xin shengshi feeling.Flowers in front of the window view, dream fly outside singing poetry.Golden night (Lanzhou) Qingming pregnant relatives (Xinyun) Qingming is often rain, memorial deceased relatives.Offering flowers chizhi meaning, paper money incense wick send sincere.Deep gratitude is engraved with true feelings, feeling filled with tears.Two bound apart difficult to gather again, hold miss read filial piety for life.Zhang Deming (Lanzhou) Qingming Apricot rain sprinkling rural areas, all things Zhaosu huicui field.Sun hui hui open Hua Xu, Song yan yan with spring string.Jincheng chizi outing early, waterfront Weng children pull paper kite.Huize Liuxin recruit distant visitors, late visit according to sunny days.Zhang Yunhui (Lanzhou) Renyin Qingming Festival a spring full of green eyes, butterflies looking for fragrant apricot core stay.The tomb-sweeping day peach and plum laugh, every haze lock step closed sorrow.Two Qingming Yan Dance Willow silk new, strangers on the spring less travelers.Pest impermanence, peach lips rain – run beauty.Distant pity the weeds cover the tomb, and see pear memories of relatives.Wild thousands of sorrow did not do, a drunk tears stained towel.Zhang Shuwen Qingming Spring cloud half rain clear, green dyed jincheng.Anliu fly think flocculant, mountain flower sacrifice so.Yin and Yang separate lonely empty, the heaven and earth open quiet clear.Life and death in rotation, when the treasure of the world.Hanbenxiao Qingming festival Yin In March streamer qingguang also shallow, peach blossom half lying cloud day.New oriole across the tree crowing oblique day, xun grass wear order wipe light smoke.Wine and poetry zhu and purple, invite the wind into the arms of gu still pity.Pick up spring sentiment hui to go, silent and ancestors said myriad.MAO Fukang tomb-sweeping Day send MAO Haijing qingming countless sacrifice mourning, lonely looking at the old.Net two three chase sparrow early, drive four five fishing late.Now friends are hard to meet, the past fung Tai still read.Old tree pear incense should be full courtyard, autumn to eat fewer people.Li Guolan qingming has sent days of dust began to clear up, and came to the grave steps.Pastoral pear white flower element, riverside branches willow leaves light.Candle burning incense sad language tears, strictly pour wine cry silent.Ash wreaths wind go, recall sincere bird also surprised.Bai Junzhi Qingming Festival Renyin Festival Qingming, flower frequency Liu Cuirong.Pear tree in the rain white, the wind over cuckoo surprised.Madadayo infinite read, not love.Gao Huai no embrace place, wild kuang shisha Ming.Zhang Gong (Lanzhou) Renyin qingming have a sense of visitors suddenly to qingming, epidemic resistance can not mulberry catalpa line.It is the ancestor who has not burnt incense, but she who regrets her wine.Home mountain thoughts in a foreign land were bright and deep at night.I hope that the plague elimination seal solution, good wind with my step home.Ren Yin on the third section that is tomb-sweeping day even on the third, just to outing.Pavilion bank pear bloom, the river yanliu hang.The pond waves billow, the wilderness grass is luxuriant.Beautiful flowers and purples are good, and enjoy shu xiu mei.Li Jizhen (Lanzhou) Renyin Qingming House feeling on the stranger grass green, the god of plague tiger deceit.The wind to warm spring, road qu letter late.See hidden heart, idle home for wine.Where does not add soil to the grave send acacia?Hou Shulin (Buddha said flowers) to sweep peach and plum dongfeng open, birdsong path to old people.Look at the smoke case thick dust, hard to see the window shadow accompany.Ridge acres shoulder pengcao belt, sand clouds diffuse ancient Elm huai.Boundless thoughts into empty memory, distant autumn Hua call not back.Zhang Zhicun (Lanzhou) Tomb-sweeping day language offering parents April flowers and trees rong, cui Liu dance truth.Qianshan sunshine spring scenery, wanshuyan cage rain color meng.Look back on the past good father trace, the rest of my life often recall mother’s voice.Qingming language send parents died, tears mourning night.Wei Shuqin (Gansu Longnan) Butterfly love • Qingming Festival (Feng Yan si ti) this qingming festival wind and rain fine.Zi Li desolate, old zhai Chai door closed.I recall the blood and tears of my parents.Lonely birds are deserted.The grass is deep in the grave.Sliced liver and intestines, liquor and tea offering.A thread of grief was sent along with the paper.Yin and Yang are far apart.Chen Yangong (Gaolan) 钗头凤· Tomb sweeping graves, wild hazel in the original new cold ying domain.The pain is great and people sigh.Place grief, go to the dust wall.Weep, weep, weep.Always remember, in the heart, want to say also stop stain.The wind blows, the birds sing in silence.Is Chun Xuan Ann in?There is no trace of the old land.Memory, memory, memory!Dong Shenghui (Lanzhou) line incense son · Qingming festival father spring water wandering, peach apricot cool.The qingming festival and sad.Add shallow soil grave, wine drink barren hill.Memory burn to, slow burn paper, fine incense.Grave shadow, filar silk past events.Have you ever been hungry, sick and busy?Plow and harvest, pick and pull, push and carry.Night terrors no dreams, no father, no church.After 30 years of drifting clouds away from home, the feelings of the wanderers in their hometown are scattered.Look to send condolences, respect to meet the age of first.To drink a cup of wine alone.Every memory tears touch jin, dream speech kiss.Ganming has to qingming • How many times, to the bar window, you read home.Tomb-sweeping Day and to the epidemic when the soil pinch incense.Autumn Water in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, a broken raceway • Clear and sunny yellow clouds and soft sand.The east wind worries about flying flowers.Tearful eye tablet a relative, grief with credit.Hate the most busy camp uncertain, still disquieting home.Today zhu Yan empty knot hate, leaning against who.Tomb-sweeping dream frequently, meaning deep, near tomb-sweeping especially true.Blame the epidemic closed control households, sad to send no root.Think once upon a time, read once upon a time, laugh in front of the hall.To the present Yin and Yang two worlds, to whom the cold and warm world?Good spring scenery • Jincheng Wanghe Pavilion, Zhu Yan Qiao, Bi Ting xian, Chu Yuntian.Geese grazing herons sing gull jump, river turbulence.As the sun rises brightly, the spring breeze lingers several degrees.Willow hui Qingzhou raft, meaning lingering.Good spring • Wetland park river scenery, scenery bridge, birds back to nest.Willow line blowing lake health shadow, duck jiao.Green grass and forest pavilions, yellow flowers and purple pistil flute.The emperor wa Mu Xi lived here, dreaming like a tide.Spring is beautiful • The Yellow River is high, whirling cranes and burning clouds in the evening.Han yun ancient wind rich, into the clouds.Standing pillow river to listen to the waves, Lin Li Jing Yin string.Spring rain spring breeze new cross-strait, green home.Spring is good • Sanjiangkou swan love, graceful dance, warm the world.Dream like fairyland, drunk poetry.Surrounded by green water, the wetlands stretch.West according to burning red spring fertile fields, beautiful rivers and mountains.Good spring • Hekou ancient town bell tower, high theatre, customs.The ancient ferry after how many waves tao Tao.Old liucui bud branch qiao, new peach powder flower shao.The river soup knows to forge ahead, very free and easy.

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