The Operation Department of Minsheng Bank Lanzhou Branch organized special training on work safety

In order to further strengthen the awareness of work safety and improve the ability of staff to resist safety risks, according to the work arrangement of the office of Work safety Committee of the branch, the Business Department organized a special training session on work safety for all staff on March 22nd.Liu Songjiang, the head of safety production in the branch, assisted to host and attended the training.This training is mainly around the outlets security key to carry out a day, covering the outlets open positions before, during and after each period shall focus on the goal and content of, examination, prevent, further defined the security prevention and control of each position responsibility, to strengthen the consciousness of staff positions and the ability of the security role and played a good promotion effect.At the training meeting, General Manager Liu required: first, all staff of the branch should attach importance to the work of production safety in thought, and earnestly implement the provisions and requirements of the branch in action;Second, each post should control the training content, seriously carry out a self-safety hidden trouble investigation, through the hidden trouble rectification to comprehensively improve the safety management level of the business department;Third, every employee should actively participate in all kinds of work safety activities organized by branches and branches, and strive to improve safety prevention and disposal capacity;Fourth, we need to take the lead in building a safe and orderly financial service environment for sub-branches.

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