The boy “take a bath” does not come out for a long time, in “bathroom” stem what?Is that you?

Guide language: the schoolboy takes a bath commonly very fast, just began to end, but have one part schoolboy, take a bath however very slow, do not come out in the bathroom for a long time, they do something bad in the bathroom?You know, according to surveys, 30 percent of guys have done it in the bathroom!The boy “take a bath” do not come out for a long time, in the “bathroom” what to do conclusion: when the boy takes a bath, also can like the girl, self-appreciation own figure, think oneself very charming, still have part of the boy in the bathroom stem indescribable thing, understand all understand ha, need not I explain again.Of course, it does not exclude some of the boys who love clean, long time in the bathroom, will lead to computer hypoxia, resulting in syncopation, we take a bath, must pay attention to safety.

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