The sense of belonging in the wilderness

Name | project Name Belonging to the Wilderness | Wilderness of Belonging Interior Design shine in Interior Design | | 10 Design on Soft decoration Design | Soft outfit Design Liao Xiaoyan |Ten design on the Construction Side | lafayette seiko Construction unit Location | FuJian project site, China | FuJian China Photographer | Photographer liddy | Instants mountains never swore to the four seasons, vicissitudes of fate.The ocean has no commitment to a sandy shore.Even words should be abandoned, between you and me, only clean silence, and existence.– Jane 嫃 : The location of the case is located in guryong Resort, which is surrounded by mountains with mist floating from the mountains.Living in the fragmented green of big cities for so long, “wilderness” and the nature behind it seem to have become a distant concept of the past.For the pure and simple life, to the natural homesickness, owners and designers have endless yearning.So, this time, let’s get back to the sense of belonging in the wilderness.Love snow, rain, and a warm fire in a long winter.As a result, the space is opened up to create a dialogue between people and mountains, which will ensure privacy while weakening the indoor and outdoor space, trying to create a comfortable, free and open holiday space.Perhaps it is the rough wood, the collision of cloth colors, the encounter of works of art, the texture of time passing, to create this warm and moist space full of years and rough feeling.Independent music study, nostalgic vinyl records, memories of the past, this moment are all ringing in my ears.As I sat by the window watching the red sunset and the silky moon shining on the mountains, I knew it was no accident.To this day, I still get a thrill from the unexpected touch of nature

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