To play is not to be a net red Du Feng on Tang Jie a pun

Beijing time on March 11, 2022 regular season round 33 Guangdong 111:88 Ningbo, after the press conference about why Tang Jie garbage time only 3 minutes, Du Feng said that “to play basketball is not to be a net star” this sentence can be a pun!It turned out that guangdong had a 3-minute warm-up run before the game, but everyone warmed up, but Tang Jie sat down on the bench, which made Du Feng feel very dissatisfied!So at the beginning of the game Du Feng actually did not intend to let him play, let him sit on the bench calm, if it was not the last time the audience fans shouted Tang Jie, Du Feng in order to meet the fans so just let him play.In fact, Tang Jie at the end of last season to Ningbo did not sign on, if it is not the performance of the National Games, Du Feng and Zhu Fangyu of his precious talent, Tang Jie would not have the opportunity to become a member of the defending champion today, so from Du Feng, Tang Jie than anyone should cherish this opportunity, with the attitude to respond to the game!Including before Tang Jie during the trial playing mobile phone is also let Du Feng reprimanded on the spot and let it leave the field, to be honest, only Zhu Fangyu can play mobile phone, Yi Jianlian is off the field cheering for his teammates!Tang Jie got a star in the Fujian league. But since the third stage, his performances in Guangdong have been more relevant. He is positive on the court, but he really needs to be more integrated into the team, both on and off the court.So in fact, this sentence can be understood to have a second meaning, when the fans shout players to play, the head coach in dissatisfaction had to give him a chance, and the basketball fans in the past two years have a little fan circle culture meaning, so Du Feng this sentence is actually to tell the fans, basketball circle does not need fan circle culture, do not need Internet celebrities!

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