Tongliao fire two people elected to the new people’s Congress and CPPCC members and attend the city “two sessions”

On February 11, 12, the Chinese people’s political consultative conference tongliao city the sixth committee meeting for the first time, tongliao city, the first session of the sixth people’s congress in tongliao city administrative center auditorium, tongliao city fire rescue team sent two people respectively in the identity of the CPPCC and NPC delegates to participate in the “two sessions”, on behalf of fire rescue teams work Suggestions, promote the work.Tongliao City Naiman flag police road fire rescue station instructor Cheng Lei was elected to the sixth People’s Congress tongliao city, detachment comprehensive guidance section chief Li Yue was elected to the sixth committee of the CPPCC Tongliao City.The two will make suggestions on rural fire basic infrastructure construction and fire rescue team construction.A few days ago, the proposal on supporting the construction of full-time firefighters and firefighters has been formally put on file by the Proposal Committee.At present, tongliao fire rescue detachment has a total of 24 fire rescue personnel elected as NPC deputies, CPPCC members and party representatives, which is not only the attention and support of party committees, governments, people’s congresses and CPPCC to fire work and team construction, but also tongliao people’s trust and encouragement to the fire rescue team.Elected representatives and members have said that they will keep in mind the spirit of the precepts, earnestly implement the spirit of the city’s “two sessions”, perform the duties of representatives and members, closely around the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, pay attention to the livelihood of fire hot spots, strengthen the concept of fire service, implement the “everyone fire, everyone safe” propaganda goal,For the smooth realization of tongliao city “two sessions” put forward various work objectives and tasks to provide a strong guarantee.

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