Georgina celebrated her 28th birthday in grand style as she was cradled in cristiano Ronaldo’s arms with her head in khalifa

On January 27, Georgina Rodriguez, the pregnant Spanish socialite and girlfriend of Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, celebrated her 28th birthday on a beach in Dubai.Of course, there are even bigger surprises for her in the evening.

Georgina celebrated her birthday in style as her face was emblazoned on Dubai’s famous Burj Khalifa building and her star girlfriend, dressed in a silk suit, looked on in delight.She expressed joy on social media and was “speechless”.”You make me happier every day,” ronaldo said.

Cristiano ronaldo soon took to social media to express his love for his girlfriend, saying, “We love you.”Georgina and Cristiano ronaldo stand with their four children in front of the Burj Khalifa. The picture is very warm and luxurious. After all, not everyone’s head can be projected onto the building casually.

Stand big belly pregnant belly georgina is cristiano ronaldo enveloped, smile is very brilliant, even though she now is gorgeous life thanks to her boyfriend on the field for many years of efforts, and the self-discipline under the stadium, but George was still buried himself in the documentary, suggests that she is not a man only lives by her boyfriend, she also created a lot of value.Georgina is currently expecting twins – a boy and a girl, to be exact – and when the baby arrives ronaldo will have six children, edging ever closer to becoming a football team.

Georgina also snapped a picture of the beaming family earlier in the day, with her biological daughter Alana Martina in particular stealing the spotlight with her big eyes, which bear a striking resemblance to her mother as a child, but her tiny curls are the perfect heir to her soccer star dad.

Georgina’s sister Ivana also posted a photo on social media wishing her sister a happy birthday.Georgina is seen cradling her new niece with maternal tenderness, while alana Martine and Mateo look at the newborn with great concern.Georgina has been described as’ ungrateful ‘by her uncle, who took care of her as a child when her father went to prison, but now she is abandoning her family and even her own mother does not want to talk about it.The only family Georgina could speak of was her sister Ivana, and the rest of them seemed to disappear.

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