Irving supported Simmons’ lawsuit against the owners that the team should pay him $20 million, and Tsai panicked

Today players nets simmons has formally submitted to the court for his own), and also has got through to the next step will be a preliminary audit, and he sued object is his former boss Joshua Harris, he asked 76 people are currently his $20 million salary for compensation and damages and lost wages and other fees,His actions have received strong support from team-mate Michael Owen.Owen in a media interview said, “I know simmons do, he is using the legal way to safeguard their own interests, we are a passer-by, we are working for others so we need to unite against these guys, they simmons for the exploitation and force him to work, it’s very hateful, I hate the most is that this kind of behavior,I think $20 million is a fair amount, and I think it’s a fair price.”Now that Simmons not only has Irving’s support, but the players’ union has expressed its support for Simmons, sixers owner Joshua Harris is likely to spend some time in jail if convicted of exploiting and exploiting employees.But simons event has been a wake-up call to the other teams, later when he go to which team bosses have to pay attention to enforce the law, or is he found holes may be lost lady and fold, even if he is at home to rest you should have to pay him some wages, but also a points not less to him,Now Nets owner Joe Tsai may be completely panicked.

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