Legend of Zhen Huan: The empress in the harem follows rules and rules every day. She gets drunk once in a lifetime, but it affects her whole life

Hello, I’m If.Today, I will share a little-known story about Zhen Huan’s best sister mei Jie in the Legend of Zhen Huan.I think everybody knows, eyebrow elder sister liked to go up too doctor wenshichu, and wenshichu heart hides zhen Huan however.Eyebrow elder sister for Dr. Too son, in order to justify his son, the plan attracted the emperor, again spoil.At this time, we are not and xiaobian want to the same, why eyebrow sister and the emperor for so many years has no child, but only wen Tai doctor once, is pregnant?When Mei is neglected by the emperor, all the concubines in the harem shun her, but Zhen Huan truly cares for her.Also invited wen Tai doctor to eyebrow sister to see a doctor.At this time the eyebrow sister, was warm doctor’s careful care material moved, the in the mind that he is a man can rely on.After his body conditioning, in order to see Wenshishu early, would rather avoid the emperor, would rather in the palace of the queen mother, is to see often to see the queen mother to see the doctor.When the queen mother gave warm wine to sister eyebrow, was hoping that she and the emperor can revisit old dreams, sister eyebrow was to know the use of this cup of wine, but she turned and handed the wine to the doctor.At this point, small make up in thinking, Dr. Wen Tai should have a premonition of the effect of wine, he also understand what is going on, but he still drank, from this point, small make up think, Wen Shishu can not be indifferent to sister eyebrow.Namely this time, two people connive at oneself only, let eyebrow elder sister be pregnant.Small make up don’t know what do cure too much feel warm, but, as a mother, sister is eyebrow anyway to protect the children of their own, in order to smoothly gave birth, eyebrow sister can only try to attract the emperor, the emperor also feel, has always been a high LengFan son eyebrow zhuang, suddenly to himself, and he couldn’t think of sister is eyebrow to let all people think that children is the emperor of the palace.Eyebrow elder sister is missing wen Shishu at the beginning all the time, in the palace, she makes her “confused” once, but clearly know his heart love.Because the doctor has been to the eyebrow sister before the adjustment of the body, so only this time, they let her pregnant.In the face of the supreme emperor’s indifference, her heart finally cool, also see clearly the harem of intrigues and intrigues, she understood, no matter how they do, how to pay the heart, can not get the emperor’s true love.In general, I feel sister eyebrow in the whole play in the first half of the live is more depressed, pay can not return, but the second half of her life is also counted as their own live once, knowing that is wrong, knowing that thousands of difficulties and risks, but she in order to clearly live once, for their sweetheart, she did not care about anything.I think, perhaps this is the harem woman’s sorrow.

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