Wonderful Winter Olympics | you serve the Winter Olympics, we serve for you

Due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the Beijing Winter Olympics has implemented strict closed-loop management, and a large number of event service personnel have entered the closed-loop to serve the Winter Olympics.What are their needs in life?Every day efficient operation of their hearts and what worries need to resolve?Inside the closed loop, you serve the Winter Olympics;Outside the closed loop, we’re at your service.Relevant departments and volunteers in Beijing took active actions to solve the problems of the event service and guarantee staff in the closed loop.Volunteers of “Yanqing villagers” winter Olympics relay warm heart service terminal personated as voluntary “Courier”, will be closed loop staff online shopping and the materials sent by their families to the hotel.Recently, a child of a staff member in the closed loop sprained her ankle and needed to go to the hospital quickly. However, only her grandmother took care of the child at home. The old woman was very anxious.This staff member got through “yanqing folks” winter Olympic relay warm heart service terminal telephone.Soon, with the help of volunteers, the child was sent to the hospital and received timely treatment.”Yanqing Villagers” is a winter Olympics love relay volunteer service activity launched by Yanqing District of Beijing. The service object is all kinds of staff in the closed loop management of Yanqing Competition area and their families who work or live in Yanqing. This activity will continue until the end of the Beijing Winter Paralympics.”Yanqing Villagers” winter Olympics love relay volunteer service activities for the closed loop built a warm heart bridge.At the end of the “bridge”, yanqing Competition area closed loop management of all kinds of personnel, they put forward demands through the hotline, volunteers record, to the streets of the township volunteer service association and the district mental health guidance center to send a single;On the other side of the bridge, after receiving orders from relevant departments, volunteers are mobilized to provide such voluntary services as buying goods for family members in need, taking care of the lives of elderly or physically handicapped family members, picking up and dropping off children from school, and tutoring children in school.Relying on the organization system of the Communist Youth League, the activity also raised money from caring enterprises and social caring personage to send birthday cakes with Winter Olympics elements to the families of closed loop staff.Relying on the Beijing Development Center of Project Hope, closed-loop staff and their families were provided with “Chinese New Year gift packages”, public welfare travel subsidies, and travel epidemic prevention boxes.So far, “Yanqing villagers” winter Olympics relay warm heart service station received a total of 400 family members to send clothes and items;Answered 441 love hotlines;Relying on the three-level volunteer service system, 180 volunteers were recruited from 18 subdistricts and towns to provide services for the families and children of the winter Olympics service workers.At 10 PM on February 11, Wang Huicai, a psychotherapist at The Haidian District Psychological Rehabilitation Hospital in Beijing, put his mobile phone in a prominent position on his workbench by carefully checking its status and making sure the volume was turned to the maximum.In the dead of night, some people who have been busy with the support services for the Beijing Winter Olympics during the day may call the phone when they are anxious and unable to sleep.Wang Hui waited to listen, is the Haidian district for Beijing Winter Olympics service security staff opened a 24-hour psychological hotline for the Winter Olympics.It will be officially opened on January 4th and will continue until the closing of the Beijing Winter Paralympics.The Haidian District of Beijing will pay attention to the psychological health of the service and support staff of the Winter Olympics into the important scope of emergency support work, and the Haidian District Psychological rehabilitation Hospital has set up a psychological assistance team to provide psychological counseling and other services for the staff in the haidian District.According to Wang hui, 17 people, including psychotherapists and psychiatrists, have participated in the psychological assistance.The hotline has so far received 35 calls and provided online psychological evaluations for seven people.”Workers in the closed loop are far away from their families, busy with work, and some suffer from mild insomnia.”In Wang Hui’s opinion, although the symptoms are not serious, but timely emotional comfort and relief is very necessary.(Hebei Daily reporter Zhou Congcong) Pay attention to Hebei News network, know the latest news in Hebei.

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