Congratulations!This “domestic initiative” was born in Wisco

5 g “one key steelmaking” farewell to spark splash of work safety production of remote control field in the past can’t even think about these things now in wuhan co., LTD., a reality on February 8, learns from wuhan co., LTD. As the jobs personnel in domestic first a complete production line complete process of steelmaking control center is type gave birth control center in super wisdom screen scrolling display information.The whole production line, the whole process of steelmaking control center with the past steelmaking method is different and how to operate it…Enter wisCO limited steel works, a delicate, modern flavor of the control center appears in front of the eyes.On both sides of the gate, the cultural concept of “smooth things quietly” and “natural achievements” is particularly dazzling.Directly opposite the door is a large smart screen, “5G smart Steel factory” logo inlay among them, the screen is rolling display of production indicators and competition awards of each class.The workers on site said excitedly that they were controlling production through the intelligent platform and competing with each other to carry out the competition.During the Spring Festival, I hope to get off to a good start.The staff in the control center are making steel intelligently.According to reports, WisCO limited steelmaking plant has an annual production capacity of more than 11 million tons, and is an important production base of high quality steel such as silicon steel and automobile plate in China.At present, the plant has two production lines, three steelmaking and four steelmaking, which were put into operation in August 1996 and November 2007 respectively.With the continuous development of the iron and steel industry, the plant aims at the cutting-edge technology of future science and technology and vigorously promotes the construction of smart steel mills.In November 2019, the production line control center of No.4 Steelmaking was built and upgraded in November 2021, successfully welcoming the national “5G+ Industrial Internet” conference held in Wuhan.Steel mill double – flow caster billet.Hu Donghua took the factory director said that the steel industry belongs to the traditional industry, the market competition is fierce, to better development, must carry forward the spirit of being the first, the courage to stand on the commanding heights of the future development of science and technology.When implementing intelligent manufacturing of four steelmaking production lines, the steel mill synchronously plans integrated control of three steelmaking production lines.Since the equipment order contract was signed at the end of September last year, we overcame the difficulties of resource coordination and multi-process synchronous construction, and completed the construction of the control center in less than 2 months, half a year ahead of the planned period.With the successful entry of field staff in the production line of No.3 Steel Refinery, the on-site control of the two production lines of the plant is effectively centralized together, creating the first centralized control of the whole production line and the whole process in China.Modern steelmaking control center outside the plant.From pot pouring to desulfurization, to converter, ladle furnace, vacuum, continuous casting, all processes are centralized together. Although far from the site, information communication is smoother, response is more timely, and work is faster.Steel mill director Yang Song said deeply touched, in the lofty control center work, we more dry more vigorous, more dry more confident.The steelmaking converter is at work.Correspondent Hu Donghua taken according to introducing, steel mills control center according to the requirements of wisco limited “All in one” construction, full use of image recognition, infrared imaging, laser positioning and large data analysis technology, the industrial Internet platform for drive, realized the corresponding state of information sharing, visualization, an intelligent key and process operation,Formed real-time monitoring, production command, intelligent control organic integration, upper and lower processes, logistics interface closely cooperate, human-machine integration, operation and maintenance integration of mutual cooperation of efficient intelligent production mode.At present, wisCO limited steel plant one key desulfurization, one key steelmaking, one key refining, one key pouring, one key water inlet and automatic slag picking, automatic steel and other intelligent manufacturing technology in the domestic advanced ranks.The pace of transformation and upgrading in Qingshan is closer and more stable

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