In the first six days of the holiday, an average of 155,000 people visited Beijing on average, an increase of 3.75 percent year-on-year

Beijing, February 6 (Reporter Du Yan) The 2022 Spring Festival holiday, Beijing traffic operation on the whole smooth.In the first six days, the daily traffic volume of intercity transportation (railway, civil aviation and highway interprovincial passenger transport) in and out of Beijing was 155,000, up 3.75% year on year, including 87,800 inbound and 67,200 outbound trips.The passenger volume of urban public transportation (ground bus and rail transit) was 5,127,500 per day, down 6.50% year-on-year.In the first six days of the holiday, the average daily peak traffic index of urban roads was 2.42, which was generally in the basic smooth level, down 3.20% year on year.In terms of roads, the average daily traffic volume of expressway network was 1,299,900, down 5.46% year on year.The average daily traffic volume of ordinary highway interprovincial passages was 129,300 vehicles, up 22.65% year on year.In the first six days of the holiday, in terms of intercity traffic, 105,000 passengers boarded and boarded trains at the “six railway stations”, down 2.60% year-on-year.Among them, 44,100 people got on the bus (leaving Beijing) and 60,900 people got off the bus (entering Beijing).The average number of inbound and outbound flights was 49,500 per day, up 18.99% year on year.Among them, 26,600 people visited Hong Kong (or Beijing) and 22,800 people left Hong Kong (or Beijing).In terms of urban public transport, the average daily passenger volume of rail transit (including Xijiao Line and Yizhuang T1 Line) in the first six days was 2,320,700, down 6.92% year on year.The daily number of ground bus passengers was 2,806,900, down 6.15% year-on-year.According to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, highway inspections will be intensified and frequency increased, focusing on the guidance of highway exits leading to scenic spots in the suburbs, and providing emergency support such as rescue, rescue and special weather.From January 31 to 12 o ‘clock on February 5, a total of 1455 vehicles were dispatched for maintenance patrol, 4391 vehicles for maintenance operation, maintenance patrol personnel 6357 person-times, a total of 118,700 kilometers of patrol mileage, cleaning mileage 98,650 kilometers.City road from January 31 to February 6, a total of 1194 inspectors were dispatched, 402 maintenance vehicles were dispatched, 544 vehicles patrol, patrol mileage of 31,500 kilometers, found disease trail brick missing, well side damage a total of 68, repair pit groove 53 square meters.In addition, during the Spring Festival holiday (January 31 to February 6), the Beijing Transport Law Enforcement Corps dispatched 4,660 law enforcement officers to inspect 5,283 vehicles and more than 17,000 kilometers of highway.I was in charge of 1,084 rail transit stations, inspected more than 150,000 passengers, and inspected section 549 of rail transit safety protection zone;33 bus terminals and 537 bus stops were inspected.Inspection in the project 4;Verified more than 340,000 online car booking orders through Beijing Online taxi booking Supervision service system;During the festival, the corps investigated 6 unlicensed cars, seized 8 illegal taxi industry, dangerous goods transport industry 5 illegal.(after)

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