Kailu fire launched the “first class” to boost the safety of enterprises to resume work and production

“After the Spring Festival, enterprises resume work and production, rush to schedule, pay attention to fire prevention…”February 12, Kailu County fire rescue brigade for the Spring Festival after the resumption of work and production characteristics of enterprises, the initiative to door-to-door, actively organize and help enterprises to carry out fire safety knowledge training, a good safety production “first lesson”.Advocate in the training battalion from promotes social unit fire control propaganda and education ability, organization to carry out targeted production safety education and training, through the accident case analysis, let all the trainees understand the illegal operation accidents have serious consequences for business, family, personal, and bear the legal responsibility, truly were alert and learn your lesson, to build defenses.At the same time, the various units on how to troubleshoot the fire hazards, fire protection safety management, safety codes used electricity, fire control facilities equipment maintenance, fire alarm and fire evacuation escape, the early fire disposal aspects and so on has carried on the detailed explanation, strengthen the jurisdiction units on fire control safety knowledge, improve the ability of preventing dissolve the beginning of fire risk.In the next step, Kailu County Fire rescue brigade will continue to increase the fire safety inspection guidance and training for the resumption of work and production enterprises under its jurisdiction, further consolidate the fire safety foundation of the resumption of work and production enterprises, and help enterprises to resume work and production safely.

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