Make cat sad a few things, do not take as a joke, to correct in time!

Xiaobai, who has just started to own a cat, was easily influenced by the cat in the short video, thinking that she could also interact with the cat in this way, which could be regarded as a joke.If you don’t get the hang of it, your cat may become frustrated with you, making it even harder to fix!If you have any of these behaviors, it is recommended to correct them in time to avoid upsetting your cat!1. Keep your cat in a cage for a long time it is important for a cat to have its own space to roam.Some owners keep their cats in a small cage for a long time to prevent them from tearing apart their homes.This is a very big challenge for the physical and mental health of cats. If cats are in the growth stage, they may be stunted and affect the development of cats.And when kept in captivity for long periods of time, some cats can become depressed, while others can become more irritable and difficult to manage once released.At the same time, cat owners will not experience the fun of owning a cat, so they must be prepared before getting a cat.Cats are not stupid and can understand most of their owners’ commands.Some owners train their cats to stand up, but be careful to time it properly, otherwise it could cause damage to the cat.Want to know, cat in maintaining the standing posture, the cat under the weight of the it most of the lumbar spine, and this is your cat in the daily activities don’t have to bear the weight of such behavior in the long run, is affect cat lumbar and leg joints, serious and even paralysis, so there must be less let cats do these actions.Some owners will pretend to be angry with their cats when they do something wrong, and kick them out of the house. Then they will let them in at a later time as punishment for their cats.But in fact, cats are very afraid of living things, if the surrounding environment is relatively strange, cats will feel uneasy.When you often punish your cat in this way, the cat will think that you really don’t want it, and will have a stress reaction that can seriously endanger the cat’s life.In addition to special breeds, such as: hairless cats, cats are very easy to shed, especially when the shedding period, the home is simply covered with cat hair.Some owners simply shave their cats because they can’t be bothered to get rid of the fur.Such behavior is wrong and can be very damaging to the cat.If the cat has no hair, it will feel anxious when it wants to comb, and its skin will be directly exposed to the outside environment, which is very vulnerable to damage, infection and other injuries. Then it needs to be treated by the cat.The importance of food to a cat is self-evident. If a cat is threatened with this, it will be very sad if the cat is not allowed to eat or be fed.And will also let the cat appear to protect food behavior, let the relationship between you away, will also cause a large impact on the cat’s intestines and stomach.Here we recommend a thick pat cat food, which can relieve the burden of the gastrointestinal tract of the cat, help the cat digest, but also make the cat hair more smooth and smooth, you can prepare some at home.It’s not easy to build a bond with your cat overnight, but it’s easy to break it, and you need to make corrections.

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