Wuwei Liangzhou District Hedong Town: a unique taste of rural New Year

China Gansu net on January 30 news (reporter Qu Jiewen) send kitchen ye, buy Spring Festival goods, fried steamed buns…In rural Wuwei, on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month, every household starts the “busy mode” before the Spring Festival.On the 28th day of the 12th lunar month, the weather was extremely cold.Wuqiao village, Hedong Town, Liangzhou District, is full of strong New Year flavor: the trees beside the village are covered with colorful small lanterns, and the red lanterns hung in front of every household are particularly eye-catching. The children are in twos and threes, some are setting off firecrackers, some are playing in frolicking, and some are cold in the countryside on weekdays, at this time, they are particularly lively and festive.Li Zhanming’s courtyard is full of wheat aroma, four or five women are busy steamed bun, the reporter saw that the dough in their hands kneading, into a vivid steamed flowers, there are golden tigers, white fat pig, and a symbol of good luck and wishful doves…They are lifelike.Reporters learned that steamed buns are a very important activity in the Spring Festival of every family in the local countryside, indicating that the New Year will be prosperous.Different patterns on the steamed bun naturally represent different meanings, but also a blessing for the New Year.Cicada, for example, means: home is intertwined.Fish meaning: more than every year.Tiger meaning: tiger tiger live power.Lotus meaning: auspicious again and again.Doll meaning: more children and more happiness.”Processed by the traditional technology of potato small baked bun, corn pancake, fried small mahua, snowflake steamed bread and other more than 10 varieties with its unique flavor and taste is very popular in the city, in recent years, the sale of rural steamed buns let the village people more income, more days.”Li Zhanming said.Zhao Cheng is a pig farmer in the village.In the past few years, he has developed a set of tricks to raise pigs, so that the scale of raising pigs continues to expand, from more than 10 at the beginning to more than 300 today, but also reduced the incidence of disease, net about 150,000 yuan a year.In 2020, with the support of the town government, Zhao cheng also introduced advanced technology to turn the manure into organic fertilizer that is very suitable for the local soil and climate after treatment. He also provided these fertilizers to villagers for free, saving the neighborhood more than 100,000 yuan a year.”In recent years, the country has given us farmers a lot of protection, such as the subsidy policy for raising pigs. The more pigs we raise, the more subsidies we receive. Thanks to the good policy of the country, we have become rich and our family has lived a prosperous life.”Before, the Spring Festival was the only time we had the opportunity to buy new clothes, meat to eat and new things for our family.Now even those who spend less on New Year’s goods have to spend tens of thousands of yuan, and they can put a table full of food just as they do during the Spring Festival.”Zhao cheng also said.Village director Party Wanyin told reporters that the village has changed a lot in the past two years, sewage pipe network has been transformed, every household’s sanitary toilet has been upgraded, cultural stage has been built, electric heating kang has been installed, the villagers’ life is more and more convenient, life is more and more happy.Zhang Duoxiong, a 67-year-old villager and lantern-making artist, squatted on his haunches to paste cut-out paper flowers into lanterns and materials scattered around his house.Because the village has danced shehuo for hundreds of years, which requires a large number of lanterns, and villagers create an atmosphere in their homes to celebrate the New Year, Lao Zhao and his family begin to work in the twelfth lunar month.From the design of the lantern to the cutting, welding of the shelves and the sticking of the appearance details, Lao Zhao has memorized every step by heart.”The original lantern shelves are made of wood, now are wire, through doing lanterns to earn tens of thousands of yuan a year, plus the party and the state to help support, live in a big house, tap water POTS can come directly, meet such a good society, our life is more lively than the city ah!”Lao Zhang said with a big smile.A straight road village connected, rows of landscape trees lush, a small courtyard in order, a beacon of newly installed street lights to illuminate the village, a farmer smiling face rippling with happiness……In the vast fields and villages, what catches our eyes is a picture of perfect integration of nature and humanity.The improved environment has enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the peasant masses. Activities such as square dancing competitions and folk culture festivals have made every tree and grass, mountain and water in the countryside exudes civilization.With the approaching of the New Year’s Eve, these changes are also reflected in the increasingly strong taste of the New Year…

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