Is the business day family destroyed by Zhang Ruochen group?I am not the fourth emperor, still will not move for her daughter!

Shi had never thought that yao was the daughter of Shang Tian. Her name was Shang Yao.See the latest chapter in front, still in doubt what jade hole xuan can force business day, now it seems that confidence is really enough, is actually the daughter of the business day sent to the temple of space, jade hole Xuan know Zhang Ruochen will inevitably start on Yao God, he is forced to deal with Zhang Ruochen business day.So it seems that the jade hole xuan did not imagine so stupid, can support zhang Ruochen’s various forces are jade hole xuan took the opportunity to solve or open, and consider very carefully.The five Dragon God Emperor this heaven dragon realm of reinforcements needless to say, even the wind house Lord dare to calculate, really is to consider the limit he can consider.However, this article still wants to talk about shang Tian’s family in detail.Business day and Zhang Ruochen feel really enemies ah, business day’s children were almost to eradicate Zhang Ruochen, from the beginning of the Kunlun boundary of the Shang Ziyan, almost every generation of business family are zhang Ruochen’s enemies, and finally died in the hands of Zhang Ruochen (directly, indirectly also).Shang Hong the “sun” is not zhang Ruochen hands, Zhang Ruochen’s younger brother sword god directly back stab, will also be high before the sun to poke several holes.On top of that, yi Tianjun, the “best descendant” of Shang Tian, was the real king of god. As a result, he was surprised by the hell and imprisoned in the temple of the Stone clan during his endless north expedition.Although Zhang Ruochen did not participate in this, but the final result can be said to be closely related to Zhang Ruochen.The Great Shang Shen Dynasty itself was also slaughtered by The Goddess mother of Heaven (Zhang Ruochen’s mother-in-law) during Shang Tian’s visit to the Great Wall in Beizze, and the gods of Shang Tian himself were smashed.However, whether his descendants were captured, beheaded, or his idols were smashed, Shang Tian never got angry, at least not at all.The only move, or to the hell to perform the task of god, this task is extremely dangerous, god to him to do, he can finish very well, and did not take the opportunity to save his son.This shows that Shang Tian must be insisting on something.It is because of this, a stone that business day will not be the fourth emperor.The fourth emperor may also be the devil god hou tu, may also be the disappearance of the fourth Confucianism zu, or the real Wu Emperor and so on, but in the face of the “most suspected” Shang Tian, SHI did not doubt the meaning.At least from now on, business day is not any suspicion, he did, so there is no way to speculate that he is the emperor.And this time, Shang Tian himself may still not make a move, even if it is his daughter.The weight of Yi Tian Jun is not lower than shang Yao, but Yi Tian Jun is imprisoned, Shang Tian will not rescue.This time although sent the city cloud to save her daughter, but BUSINESS day I estimate or not.How could you suddenly change your mind for the sake of your daughter when you’ve endured so much?Although it is not clear what shang Tian’s faith is, it must be very firm, and definitely not for his daughter.Jade hole xuan is not stupid, but just want to rely on yao God to take hold of business days, rather a little too naive.In the case of yao god zun undead, the first to be liquidated, is absolutely jade hole xuan.Finally, I wish all the book friends who care about Ashi can grow 5 cm longer!

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