(Original poetry) Spring and you drunk

Chunxiao, spring rise, spring surge, red sail lake ripples, birds play in the woods, stream gurgling, do not give up the spring.The warm sun is golden, the wind is light, the rain is soft, the spring flowers are beautiful, the peach blossoms bloom, the calyx is red and green, the lotus comes out, the proud and shy, the bees and butterflies surge, the flowers murmur, and the dance moves slowly.The spring tide sing low, tianshuiyun shu slow, such as xu pile snow, blue blue, boundless bright spring.Chun xiang, Chun Yan, chun jiao shame, yue pupil pupil, drunk beauty soft mountain, long day water color enchanting.West lake, long hair with the wind, ying Ying red lips overflow, born beautiful fragrance, charming.Face peach blossom drunk spring breeze, jade ice clear, surprised goose, Fang Lin envy, day enchanting, human spring spruce qiao.Heart is boat, eye is zhao, thousands of missing driving wind, acacia such as spring tide, not willing to meet day and night with you.West lake bank, bridge head, touch lip lightly, luo Skirt floats, light Yin shallow sing brook fly, purple swallow double habitat, yuanyang splashing, spring breeze drunk, heaven and earth spring wonderful.Created February 12, 2022 (image from the web)

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