Shenzhen weekly | enter a state of rest, affected by the Spring Festival market is expected after recovery

In terms of supply, due to the combined impact of the traditional Spring Festival holiday and the epidemic, there was no supply of primary housing in Shenzhen during the week, and the market entered a temporary stagnation.Transactions, a second – hand residential are cold, the market remains rational.In terms of market operation, during the week, no project was approved commercial housing pre-sale license, and no project entered the market.In the land market, there was no land supply or transaction during the week.In terms of policy, Urban Renewal and Land Reconsolidation Bureau of Guangming District issued “Hints on The Expropriation of Houses on state-owned Leased Land of Guangming Science City Start-up Zone Project”, which clearly stated some behaviors that would not be compensated.Promoting the construction process of the start-up area of Bright Science City and standardizing relevant regulations on housing expropriation and compensation will play an important role in the smooth completion of bright Science City.Focus research institute believes that the Spring Festival holiday and the epidemic overlapping impact, resulting in the temporary supply and demand into a state of rest, market transactions are flat, but it is expected that under the stimulus of a series of real estate policies, the market will gradually pick up after the holiday.The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.The copyright of this article belongs to sohu focus all.Reprint without permission is strictly prohibited;With permission to reprint or use this article, please indicate the source.

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