Soup fresh taste beautiful Xinjiang pull film, cold water and noodles are delicious, learn to do at home

Xinjiang pull film taste delicious, soup sour fragrant rich, rich nutrition and delicious, Xinjiang pull film is cooked with noodles and all kinds of vegetables, also called soup and rice, do Xinjiang pull film, the production of noodles is very important, can be put side dishes according to their preferences, do at home, delicious and affordable.Pull film believe that a lot of people are eaten in xinjiang, the xinjiang pull film is also a popular food in xinjiang, also called rice soup, now also have a lot of places, sour soup smells, taste delicious, nutritious and delicious, everyone likes, I also is very like to eat xinjiang pull film, at home on your own, make simple and delicious.Xinjiang pull film in Xinjiang also called soup rice.It is very important to mix the dough.Cold water and noodles, salt in the water, the surface should be soft and hard moderate, wake up for half an hour and then knead the surface until smooth, then roll the surface, roll the surface into a dollar coin thick bread.Then cut the flatbread into strips of about two centimeters.When the water starts to bubble, start pulling the noodles.Most people dip their fingers in oil to keep them from sticking.I don’t like it. Just put the cloth when you roll the pancake. You don’t have to eat too much oil.Take the face with the left hand, the right hand catch the face two centimeters long into the pot, this time the fire is not big, let the soup bubble on the line.The speed of pulling noodles should be fast and accurate. After all the noodles are pulled, salt, a small amount of light soy sauce, and then cut the vegetables into a pot.Turn the heat on, turn it off and get out of the pot.Xinjiang pull film practice.Ingredients to be prepared: 300 grams of flour, 150 grams of water, 2 grams of salt, Cabbage, potato, lamb, tomato, coriander, bok choy, mushroom, scallion, ginger, garlic, tomato sauce, light soy sauce, pepper powder, pepper powder, ginger powder, vinegar.First for ripping up the film surface, bowl, add flour, add salt to increase muscle, and with cool water, the water’s edge to join, stirring, mixing into flocculent, knead into a smooth dough, roll the dough on a chopping board, cover with plastic wrap, woke up twenty minutes, put the noodles knead after their time, continue to wake up, to be like this dough over and over again two or three times.Then prepare the side dish, wash the cabbage and cut it into small pieces, wash the tomatoes and cut it into small pieces, wash the mutton and slice it, wash the potatoes and remove the skin and slice it, wash the cabbage and cut it into small pieces, wash the coriander and cut it into small pieces, wash the mushrooms and cut it into small pieces, you can also choose the side dish according to your own preference.Wash the shallots, ginger and garlic and cut them into minced pieces. Add oil to the pot and heat the oil to put the mutton in and stir-fry until it turns brown. Put the chopped shallots, ginger and garlic into the pot and stir-fry until they become fragrant.Put the tomatoes in, stir fry evenly, add tomato sauce stir fry evenly, add light soy sauce, salt, pepper, pepper stir fry evenly, stir fry after a while, add ginger powder stir fry evenly, finally put the mushrooms in, stir fry evenly, stir fry the side dishes until 70 or 80 mature, add the right amount of water, bring to a boil.Surface rolling into a thin round, cut into small pieces, the surface with the hand press, began after pulling the surface of water to boil, put face pulled into small pieces in the pot, after meal all pulled out, turn the fire to boil, cook for half an hour, cooked time after time to put in the Chinese cabbage, cook for 3 minutes, put in the parsley and garlic, add vinegar to turn over can mix well.Do pull film in xinjiang, the practice of each person is different, can choose according to his be fond of side dishes, ripping up the film want to good, technique is also very important, and the time, proportion to grasp well, surface and good to wake up after the hair, massage a few times more, so that make to will chewiness delicious, ripping up film can according to your own taste to taste.Xinjiang pull film, in fact, is soup rice.Commonly known as “pull film”, “soup pull film” and so on.Because there are many kinds of soup and rice, different shapes of noodles, different names.Pull into the sheet called pull film, pull into a slightly thick match stick cylindrical called inch inch son, firecracker son or xiangtou, etc..Catalpa film is subdivided into two kinds, one is soup clench film, one is fried clench film.Pull film and surface and pull blade and surface method is basically the same, and surface, wake up, and then pull.The most common side dishes are carrots, potatoes, vegetables, tomatoes, dried pepper skin, mutton, mutton soup and so on.Therefore, “the soul of the film is mutton and tomato”.As for the fried film, it is not difficult to do, just remove xinjiang chow mein about the same, is the flour agent shape is different.It’s all seasonal, it’s all seasonal vegetables, it can be lamb, it can be beef, it can be no meat if you’re a vegetarian.The most important thing when stir-frying is that tomatoes are necessary. This is the characteristic of stir-frying catalpa.The most important thing is personal taste.Now we all know what Xinjiang clench film is, how to eat, do Xinjiang clench film, can choose side dishes according to their own preferences, I also like to eat Xinjiang clench film, often do at home, from home, delicious and affordable, like you can try.

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