The last madness!Manchester United conspire to sign at the whistle, cristiano Ronaldo will be waiting for the strongest help, the Champions League is in the cards

With the 2021-22 European winter transfer window due to close soon, all the big clubs are keen to make last-minute signings to strengthen their squads again, and Premier League giants Manchester United are no exception.According to Portuguese journalist Pedro Almeida, the Red Devils are plotting a whistleblowing signing for cristiano Ronaldo that could boost united’s chances of winning the Champions League in the future.The player is The Spanish giants Barcelona winger Dembele, following the La Liga fans will be familiar with him.In the summer of 2017, One of the core of Barca’s strike line neymar was forcibly lured away by French giants Gran Paris for 220 million euros. In order to make up for the vacancy left by his departure, Barca took dembele to camp Nou for 140 million euros with a little panic.Dembele, it turns out, is not the next Neymar.Dembele had a number of impressive performances during his four-plus years with the club, but he was plagued by injuries that kept him out of action.Once a rising star, he has become a glass man.This season with griezmann and Messi’s departure, Dembele gradually become barca’s top line, the new handsome Xavi is also very important to it, he repeatedly entrusted with heavy responsibilities.However, it should not be overlooked that Dembele’s contract with Barcelona is due to expire in the summer and negotiations over an extension have been slow to progress.Although Dembele has repeatedly stated that he wants to stay at Barca, he and his agent have been reluctant to compromise on the salary issue, and dembele’s annual salary has not been reduced as Barca expected, but has increased considerably.The two sides are so far apart that a contract extension seems impossible, so Barca have only two options: to let Dembele leave now and collect some of the transfer fee themselves;Or wait until this summer and see him walk away as a free man.According to Portuguese journalist Pedro Almeida, barca’s preferred option is the former, and dembele has already been approached by Manchester United, with the Premiership giants expected to sign him.The Reds are willing to pay 20 million euros for Dembele.The news is a huge boost for Manchester United, given that Dembele, who joined Barcelona for a fee of 140 million euros, could now be snapped up for 20 million euros.After dembele joined, United’s forward line will also increase a powerful breakthrough hand, the team’s offensive firepower, will also be greatly strengthened.Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo will certainly benefit from this, and with Dembele attracting fire from the wings, he will face less defensive pressure at centre-forward and his goal tally will continue to increase.Dembele’s arrival will give united a boost in their bid to challenge reigning Champions Atletico Madrid in the champions league.

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