“Ukraine” in one day and night fire 189 times, biden all want to blame “Russia”?

Russia is likely to have nothing to do with this round of firefight in Eastern Ukraine. The so-called instigated war is just a lie from the West, and the fighting in eastern Ukraine has been out of control day and night.There were 189 firefights with only records available.The 189 exchanges of fire began with a missile thrown at a kindergarten in Luhansk.The bullet hole, which a five-year-old could drill through and out effortlessly, injured two employees but no children.Frankly speaking, this incident has a greater negative impact on the civilian armed forces in eastern Ukraine.The cause of the incident was an attack by rebels in eastern Ukraine on government-held areas.But to say there was a “Russian conspiracy” is stretching it.First, the rebels in Eastern Ukraine have every incentive to launch their own offensive.Their militia was killed by Ukrainian government snipers in an unprovoked attack in response to violations of the Minsk agreement. That’s the official statement from the rebels in eastern Ukraine.Notably, the statement did not deny the attack, but reiterated the existence of the Minsk agreement as it has in the past.Such an attitude gives the impression that Ukraine’s armed forces want to take the initiative to protect their interests in the temporary absence of Russian power.His behavior is radical, but his attitude is cautious.The revenge smacks of the “excuse” that Mr Biden referred to in his recent speech.Only, it was the “pretext” conflict to prevent a surprise NATO attack, not the “pretext” conflict to try to occupy Kiev.Second, Russia has good reasons not to plan such an attack.Still withdrawing from Russia.Russia’s massive retreat from its border with Ukraine coincided with a massive buildup of NATO troops in eastern Europe.In eastern Ukraine, a weaker Russian military means a stronger NATO military.It is illogical to carry out high-profile attacks at a time when the enemy is strong and we are weak.Especially in the western society’s speech self-contradiction, the Russian conspiracy theory seems even more implausible!The most obvious logical flaw is that Russia cannot be both scheming and inept.Nor is it possible to engage in a “petty” firefight while foolishly putting yourself at a disadvantage in a propaganda war.Seen in this light, recent “Russian conspiracy theories” look more like rumors spread by the West to promote its own righteousness.The aim is to portray Russia as an evil, stupid villain, a foil to their own “wise god”!This is also evident in Biden’s recent remarks.Biden’s recent speeches have been filled with unwarranted accusations against Russia, but little about what the U.S. military plans to do next or its battlefield responsibilities in eastern Ukraine.In the news of NATO military movements, we only see the words “buildup”, “buildup to Eastern Europe”, “surge”, “aid”.There was little description of what these “massed” troops were doing in eastern Europe.Troop movements are expensive and cannot be pointless.So there must be a clear programme of action behind this.But throughout the West, it’s deliberately hidden.And the real sense of responsibility should be reflected in a clear position of their own, rather than constantly pointing fingers and making irresponsible remarks.Biden’s words and deeds are too certain, full of conspiracy means that the Western society behind the concealment, in the end what is hidden here for the time being.Mr Biden’s recent criticism of Russia smacks of a conspiracy.First, the recent surge of NATO troops, bound by the Minsk agreement, was not directed into Ukraine, but concentrated in Poland, the Three Baltic states and Ukraine’s neighbours.Thus, under normal circumstances, the United States should not know much about the situation on the eastern front.Even though it has a powerful intelligence agency, and the Ukrainian government has tipped it off, first-hand information must be obtained at a distance from the United States.But it is odd that, almost at the same time as the conflict between Ukraine and the east began to rage, Mr Biden began to denounce Russia at a time when the outside world had no idea that the conflict would intensify.On February 18, Biden said he was confident That Russia would invade Ukraine. He said the United States has “sufficient evidence” that Russia has “recently launched a large number of conflicts as a pretext for war.”You should know that the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine is not a matter of one or two days.No one could accurately predict 189 firefights in one day and night before the news reports.Biden was able to give an accurate description of the situation in eastern Ukraine in the first place.This was proof enough that he had some advance information.This news is not necessarily a Russian plot.Instead, there must be fierce fighting in eastern Ukraine!Why so confident and sure?Was there an element of American interference?This is very curious.Secretary of State Blinken, at the UN Security Council, asked Russia to declare that it would not invade Ukraine. Could the 82nd Airborne division, a unit of the US army that is well known for infiltration operations, have secretly dropped a group of soldiers in Eastern Ukraine, but in Poland?Historically, this unit has placed great emphasis on familiarity with the battlefield.In the Gulf War, they even managed to be more familiar with Iraq than Iraqi forces.If they parachuted quietly into eastern Ukraine, as is their tradition, they would have had a thorough and thorough knowledge of the actual terrain.In the presence of such “map gods”, ordinary militias, the other side of asymmetric power, are hard to detect.Its secret operations, of course, will most likely not be revealed.The 82nd Airborne division, which flew to Poland in February, of course, is just a guess.And that, at the moment, is just speculation.This is because even if the U.S. special forces have such operations, they will be classified as top-secret operations and will not be easily disclosed to the outside world.But it’s very possible!Recently, under both domestic and international pressure, the elderly Biden has been discomfiting in front of the media — using profanity.This fragile performance, and the collapse of opinion polls on the anniversary of his first year in office, provides a realistic basis for his current rush to pull back.In addition, it would be inappropriate for Russia to launch an offensive in eastern Ukraine at this time.There are false claims in the art of war, and the retreat of a large army may also hide the infiltration of a small army.But the offensive, when it did come, was fierce.If Russia’s current army retreat, should also be sent a sharp knife troops kill a return gun, how can let a group of militia disorderly, the “zi shui gun” as “machine gun” make?Although it is not appropriate to call the civil armed forces in eastern Ukraine after nearly eight years of war with “militia” and “water cannon”, but compared with the military trump card, I think their strength is still greatly inferior!It is an attempt to portray Russia’s intention to use Ukraine’s militia as cannon fodder, and to create a foolish image of the Russian army in a self-fulfilling way.Thus, it seems that the recent “Russian conspiracy theories” in the West are merely creating an atmosphere of terror.In fact, there is no place in this horrible atmosphere to the enemy’s satire and sarcasm, it is very petty, mean and absurd!In other words, Biden’s recent reiteration of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine is an attempt to blame Russia for all the bad news that is happening in eastern Ukraine.It can even be said that behind the negative news, there may be a US-led conspiracy.On February 18, Biden spoke about the situation in Ukraine

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