What meaning is the stock opens board

The stock opens board to point to is, when the stock is in rise/drop stop when state, somebody undertakes the stock trades below this state, let the stock can continue to trade.1. Normally, when the stock rises or falls stop limit value (limit value is 10%) when, the stock cannot trade, the stock can stop board, want to continue to trade need to open board.Bring about a stock to rise after stop to open board again to have a lot of, if seal board capital is inadequacy, appeared suddenly a lot of sell dish to wait, this needs investor to analyze by oneself.2. Generally speaking, open board is formed by China’s special trading system.Because our country stock market is special 10% rise limit board limits, open board to point to be in reach rise limit board limits namely when, had not been bought, by big list to seal dead, but if big sheet is clinched a deal drop perhaps withdraw sheet, can make the price does not amount to the limit of 10%, rise limit board can be opened.3. The stock board has three necessary conditions, one is the institution of the hit plate induced behavior, the institution will use a small amount of chips to hit the plate, induce individual customers, and then produce a large number of sell, and then consume sealing board funds;The second is the panic of individual flight, which is the decisive factor to open the limit board, the last condition is the lack of capital sealing board.Normally, after satisfying these 3 conditions, the stock can open board certainly.Extension: the stock plate means that a word is not harden drop stop, harden is making money, drop stop is losing money, stock plate a word refers to all of the four price of the stock on the same level, four price respectively refer to the prices of stocks at the open, the highest price of the stock, the lowest price of the stock and the stock’s closing price.

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