Your ability to deal with problems represents your pattern

Wei Zongyin had to admit that there are differences between people.These differences are not about money or status, but about intelligence, good or evil, and heart.From the perspective of problem solving, there are about three types of people: those who are good at avoiding problems, those who focus on solving problems, and those who are determined by pattern, Wei Zongyin said, “Your ability to deal with problems reveals the size of the pattern.”You can’t solve the problem, you become a problem, is the biological instinct.Even the lowest paramecium flies away from high levels of salt water to swim to less salty waters.However, once people escape problems become a habit, will gradually lose thinking, the spirit becomes barren.Running away never solves anything in life. There is always a grain of rice on our clothes, a handful of silver hairs on our sideburns, and a little gossip in our ears.What happens in the short term after “avoiding the problem” seems to be handled easily, but it is actually picking up the problem in front of you and carrying it on your back.Wei Zongyin shares a story: a very timid man, accidentally saw his own shadow, thought it was something evil at work, afraid to run.But the shadow always followed him, the faster he ran, the more closely the shadow chased.He could only run faster, faster, and finally died of exhaustion.Our life is the same, there will be good adversity, just like everyone will find their own shadow in the sun.The more we avoid problems, the more problems we have to deal with pile up and the more exhausted we become physically and mentally.2, psychological analysis of the problem, solve the problem at hand smart people in the face of difficulties will not choose to escape and compromise, they will recognize the problem in the first time, solve the problem.In zhuangzi’s “Da Sheng”, there is a stooping father-in-law cheng 蜩 story.One day, Confucius wanted to go to the state of Chu. Walking out of the woods, he saw a hunchbacked old man sticking cicadas with sticky sticks, as lightly as picking up things on the ground.The Master said, “What a wonderful skill you have!Is there a trick to this?”The hunchbacked old man told Confucius, “I have my own method.Although the stick is very long, the sticky balls on the head of the stick are not easy to balance, and the cicada climbs very high, I can practice more often.蜩 when I stand still, like a broken tree near the ground, my rod arm, like a branch;Although the world is big and there are many sights in front of me, I only pay attention to the cicada’s wings.I will never change my attention to cicada wings because of numerous things. Why can’t we succeed?”When facing a problem, a wise man, just as an old man said 蜩, analyzes the problem in his heart and solves it in his hand.They often have a clear positioning for themselves, willing to pay a hundred times of effort, to overcome problems, do things to the extreme.Face the problem, with all one’s heart, perfect.Such a strong, why can not be successful?The method of breaking the game, for the achievement of the pattern of the way when the heart empty down, to observe, at this time the induction force is the best, insight is the strongest.To the wise, unintentional, is the highest strategy;Observation is the highest form of thinking.The way to achieve the pattern lies in the following ways: When faced with difficulties, you should be “lenient”. “leniency” refers to the state of mind, relax your body and mind, and have the courage to accept the good and bad things;The more difficult things are, the more tolerant they should be.It is difficult to have a satisfactory, win and lose, lose and lose, without anger.The ancients said: “the greatest disaster, all from a moment can not bear, must not be careful.”That is, no matter how big the disaster, is a moment can not bear to cause.Handle affairs in the round and thorough, far-reaching thinking;Haste makes things harder than they should be.Do urgent things slowly.In case of “big”, it is appropriate to “flat” the more important things, the important moment, the more calm, have the courage and strength to lift a heavy load as light.People who meet “miscellaneous” and should “unify” the big pattern tend to have more careful system thinking.Great things are accomplished without regard to small things.They don’t care about small things, they see the bigger picture.Instead of treating a problem in isolation or in isolation, we should treat it as an organically related system. We should know how to make choices, make overall arrangements, and pick out the most important things, and then make precise efforts.There are always some problems in life that cannot be solved but must be eliminated.Out of the outside look inside, cancel the problem is not only outside the realm, or inside the real solution to the problem.Zhuangzi left us a magic weapon in the world: to swim at ease, on the same things.Beyond the image, into the world.The wisest practice is to cultivate the mind, look at the light, let go.When we learn to never see ourselves now, we will not be confused;When we learn to deal with problems dialectically from multiple perspectives, we will become wise;When we realize ourselves with a broader vision, we become more at ease.Know how to break the game, will eventually form their own big pattern.

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