1500-3000 yuan which mobile phone cost-effective?I hope you don’t buy them blind

There are a lot of low-cost mobile phones, but the models worth buying are mostly Redmi and RealMe. Therefore, the phones recommended in this paper are basically from these two. There is only one iQOO model, but iQOONeo5 series is also good.We think it’s still worse than Redmi and RealMe.This article will recommend you from the price point of view, covering the price range of 1500-3000 yuan, cost-effective mobile phones. Next, we take inventory one by one.IQOOZ5x is a 1000-yuan game mobile phone designed for mainstream players. The screen supports 120Hz high brush, and the touch sampling rate is increased to 240Hz. Many other models at the same price are 180Hz.Equipped with Breguet 900 chip, the body is covered with a five-weight liquid cooling system, 5000mAh battery to escort the battery life, and 44W fast charging speed is not slow.The price of RedmiNote11Pro is a little higher, we recommend RedmiNote11Pro, it is a thousand yuan mobile phone with almost no defects from inside to outside, it takes into account all aspects of configuration, the screen is 120Hz AMOLED straight screen, the camera has 100 million pixels, the battery life is 5160mAh,Charging 66W fast charge, body quality using double-sided glass body, so we think it really has no shortcomings can be made of, if you have to pick a bone, I am afraid that the last generation of models with Phecda 1100, this generation is going backwards with Phecda 920 chip.The price of RedmiK40 is a little higher, we recommend RedmiK40 this phone, it is a flagship in the market of 2000-3000 yuan in 2021, one million hot reviews of some east enough to prove its excellent, you do not need to worry about its performance and screen quality,Thanks to its Snapdragon 870+LPDDR5+UFS3.1 performance iron triangulation, 6.67 inch AMOLED screen and Samsung E4 high-swipe straight screen, it is already better than most of its rivals. It also has a sufficient 4,520mah battery, 33W quick charge, 48m ternary camera, NFC and infrared remote control.If you want a phone with decent performance and comprehensive features, xiaomi 10S can consider it. It is powered by snapdragon 870 chip and the price has dropped to 2399 yuan, which is the cheapest phone you can buy to support wireless charging. Xiaomi 10S has 4780mAh battery built-in,It supports 33W wired +30W wireless +10W reverse charging. In terms of image, it has a combination of 1040M images and is equipped with AMOLED curved screen from Huaxin Photoelectric. In terms of appearance design, Mi 10S continues the style of Mi 10 Supreme Commemorative edition and has a high sense of high-end.RealmeGT’s pursuit of extreme performance, be sure to have a look at realmeGT, equipped with 12G+256G+ Snapdragon 888 combination, the price has dropped to 2099 yuan, it is currently you can buy the “highest price” snapdragon 888 flagship phone.It is also used in Samsung’s SuperAMOLED high-brush straight screen, 4500mAh, 65W fast charge, NFC and 64M triple camera.If you are a user who pursues quality and takes photos seriously, then you must have a look at this mobile phone within 3000 yuan realmeGT Master Exploration Edition. In addition to providing traditional glass material, it also has a 3D plain leather back shell, which is comfortable and not easy to catch fingerprints.For photos, the 50 million IMX766 camera is loaded onto the 2000-range phone, which also supports OIS optical stabilization, and other features such as a Snapdragon 870 chip, a 6.55-inch high-brush curved screen, and 65W quick charging.To sum up, the price of the above mobile phones is between 1500-3000 yuan, you can choose according to your preferences or needs, of course, this is only the personal recommendation of this article, if you think there are other mobile phones with high cost performance, welcome to share your opinion, we have a rational discussion.

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