22 free attractions in Shenzhen, how many have you been to

Here are 22 free attractions in Shenzhen during the Spring Festival holiday.These attractions include mountain climbing, sea watching, flower appreciation and hiking in country parks.Keep it so you can find it when you go.Silver Lake Mountain Country Park, silver Lake Mountain country Park, has a perfect hiking trail.Lush green trees on both sides, insects singing birds, fresh air.It’s a favorite hiking trail for outdoor enthusiasts.Wengu manor park has a lot of beautiful colorful villas, is the photography enthusiasts take artistic photos of the holy land.There are no toilets and no shops to sell.You have to bring your own food here.Dapeng sucheng ancient city, stone alley is very primitive, leisurely stroll in the alley clock-in photo, enjoy slow life time.Don’t forget to try some of the special snacks!Zhongshan Park A park named after Dr. Sun Yat-sen.There is also a large variety of plants, a small amusement park, artificial lakes and large lawns.In your leisure time, walk by the lake and fly kites on the lawn.Litchi Park Litchi Park. There are many litchi trees and some small playgrounds for children.There are high-rise buildings standing on the lake, the reflection of high-rise buildings on the lake, the night is charming.Phoenix Mountain Forest Park Phoenix Mountain staircases are gentle and easy to hike.Roadside will be a lot of selling incense, ask you do not want, just ignore it.There are many tourists like to come here to pray for blessings, marriage, whether you are to worship god or mountain climbing, is the ideal place to visit.Goat Tai Mountain, the mountain scenery is beautiful, tree-lined, the air is super great, here the ladder is very steep, climbing to pay attention to safety.The summit offers a panoramic view of longhua district, enough to soothe your heart and eyes.Wutong Mountain wutong Mountain is a holy place to see the sea of clouds and the sunrise.There’s a lot of hiking going on here, Rosaire.In addition to hiking, you can also enjoy azalea flowers in March every year.Mangrove Mangrove has a dense forest, the park has a lot of animal and plant species, everywhere is the song of birds and fragrance of flowers.There are not only forests but also beautiful coastline. It is very romantic to enjoy the sea view and walk along the coastline.Shenzhen Bay by subway can directly seaside park, every day to see a lot of tourists, transportation is also convenient.You can also walk around the coastline, or bike.There is a sea lighthouse at the end of the shoreline of Pui Tsai Kok. Sitting here, you can see the sunset, and the sunset is beautiful.Few tourists here are very quiet, suitable for a person to watch the sea quietly in a daze.Guanhu village has many characteristic homestay, also has some characteristic restaurant.It’s nice to have a nice meal and then go to the beach.The beach here is also very beautiful, clean and comfortable, the water is clear, suitable for tourism holiday.There is a sign on the cliff of Yangmeikeng that says “The Mermaid” was filmed, and many tourists like to take wedding photos here.The water is clean and blue, and there are lots of rocks to catch crabs on.There is a Chinese rose garden in the People’s Park, which attracts many tourists to punch in and take photos.In addition to the garden, there are artificial lakes, pavilions and pavilions, become a good place for citizens to play leisure.Lotus Hill Park There are flower Tours all year round and flower shows are held regularly.There is a large artificial lake, hiking trail, big lawn, is the most popular tourists to play a park.East Lake Park park has held the chrysanthemum exhibition every year, the park is very large, there are many flowers and trees.The whole park is covered with trees, birds and flowers, as well as artificial lakes. The environment and scenery are beautiful.Honghu Park here in the evening night scenery is very beautiful, but also to appreciate lotus holy land.In the blooming season, tourists flock to admire and paint lotus flowers.Bijia Hill Park is densely forested and has a perfect river, which is a pleasant place to stroll along.There are also hiking trails, and large lawns, whether you are hiking or wandering in the forest, it is a good place for you to relax.There is a place in the Central Park where you can see the things used and played in childhood, which are particularly real and recall the happy time of childhood at that time.There are more than ten waterfalls of different sizes in the Malan Mountains. The mountains are full of lush trees, babbling streams, insects and birds.There are fish and turtles in the stream, there are children like to go down to catch crabs, catch small fish.Julongshan Ecological Park Every March, here is the holy land of cherry blossoms.There is a big sakura valley in the park. Many tourists come to appreciate the flowers and take photos when they bloom.In addition to flowers, there are hiking trails and artificial lakes for leisure.The beach of Jinsha Wan is very clean, and there are not many tourists here, so the environment is beautiful.The sand on the beach is fine and white and comfortable to walk on with bare feet.A very quiet and relaxed place, suitable for tourist resorts.Please pay attention to comment, like collection, share thank you!

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