Kaifeng Jianshui River Yu Qian Lin Zexu

At the northeast corner of the junction of Xihuan Road and Tokyo Avenue, on the bank of the Jianshui River, there is a tapered pavilion with two gilded statues in front of it. On the right is Lin Zexu.On the left is Yu Qian.Lin Zexu hand holding “Yellow River xingtu” look serious, seems to have thought;Yu Qian hand holding, righteousness bingran, clanged iron!On both sides of the pavilion couplets: one inch honest figure to serve the country, two lines of tears for love!Eulogize the hero’s patriotic feelings for the people.Yu Qian (May 13, 1398 — February 16, 1457), courtesy name Tingyi, alias Jie ‘an, guan At least bao, also known as Yu Shaobao, han nationality, was born in Fuqiantang County (now Shangcheng District, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province).Ming dynasty minister, national hero, strategist, politician.At the age of 17, he wrote The Song of Lime to express his ambition.Thousands of hammer chisel out of the mountains, fire burning if leisurely.Powder bone broken body hun not afraid, want to leave innocence in the world!Known as “Yu Qingtian”!In 1457, he was falsely accused of murder in the “Capture of the Door” at the age of 61.Some people say that he is “full of merit, full of slander” Yu Qian Temple in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, West Lake santai foothills.”Ming History” praised him: “loyal and fierce, and the sun and the moon win glory.He, Yue Fei and Zhang Huangyan are known as the “three Masters of West Lake”.Since the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, the rulers did not pay attention to the Yellow River dredging, so that the Yellow River constantly burst and flooded, bring disaster to the people.Yu Qian governor henan period, bow governance of the river, make high and wide dike on the planting of trees, the Ming dynasty writer Gao Liang described the tree on the dike said: the elm, willow thick surround, the crown of the day.They demanded that houses be built on the embankment and Wells dug for the people to live and drink.In order to eliminate the river, orthodox eleven years (1446), Yu Qian called the blacksmith cast a high nearly 6 feet, 8 feet wide “town river iron Xi”, in order to appeal to the gods to make “waves rest forever”.Yu Qian ordered people to cast the town river iron rhino on anyuan Gate (now kaifeng north gate) outside the soil dike, and le Ming on its fantasy to suppress the flood with iron rhino.Ming said: 100 lian xuan gold, melting for the real liquid.Change is clever, majestic yi.The waves cease forever.An is as solid as a rock as Mount Tai.The water monster dives, and Feng Yi accumulates.The city is strong, and the people are not drowned.The rain is downwind, men plow and women weave.Step by step, four, hundred gods.Hundreds of millions of people gather together.Only the rest of heaven, only the power of the emperor.You also have the mean, pass the infinite.Yu Qian cast iron rhino is now enshrined in longting District Iron Village.From Matou village of rice town in north Kaifeng to Mao-quan Village of Liuyuankou town in the east, there is a 15-li embankment. In memory of national hero Lin Zexu, kaifeng called this embankment Lingong.Because of his sympathy for the people, the people called him “Lin Qingtian”.The story of Lin Zexu harnessing the Yellow River in Kaifeng has been told from generation to generation, and his love for his family and country has set up an immortal monument in the hearts of kaifeng people.One of the Yellow River forest causeway (ancient wind) the Yellow River breach tilt southeast, daliang water high city wall.Non smoking drumstick is relegated, water treatment credit luyan Praise.Feng Yi collected strong dike, iron rhinoceros watch water anlan.Relic visitors le Shengshi, pay homage to Lin Qingtian memorial.The twenty-nine words are a poem.Praise Lin Zexu strong eat weak meat, charm afterlife.Against the enemy yuan fu smoking ban lightning fast.Ups and downs eunuhai Dan heart for Li min, endure humiliation silver dyed temples.East of the Yellow River anlan Lin causeway, single title on the sparse inscription humen town.The faithful look to the world, national soul yushun qianqiu shoulder.Yuan Fu: Lin Zexu character Yuan Fu.Zhihuang Zur Zhi Thanks Huang En, its three and seven law praise Yu Qian Zhihuang Zur Zhi Thanks Huang En, haoqi Dan Xin zhao kun.The righteous man is gnawed, why should he be ashamed to give?Strange injustice will eventually become hate, qingqi life bath thick Kun.Fanglin statue pro stream water, flower kiosk comfort the soul.Jiang Shun into

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