Let’s listen to real English from Friends

She stepped out of the house, closing the door as She went.She rushed out of the house, closing the door as she left.Jennifer warns that “it's really hard to storm out of an argument if you have to get your uncle who'Jennifer: “It’s really hard to get out of a quarrel when your uncle yells at you to move their car. Jennifer puts on a good show for the photographers.Let me just make this a little easier for you.Let me make it easy for you.What are you doing?What are you doing?Storming out. -Rachel, this is your apartment.Walk away angrily.-Rachel, this is your house.Yeah? Well, that's how mad I am!Isn’t it?Well, that’s how angry I am!Some phrases related to Storm: Storm in a teacup;Weather the storm Brain stormBrainstorming;Brainstorm, brainstorm storm tide

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