Lhasa city 15.15 million yuan consumption coupons will be snatched tomorrow

On January 27, the reporter learned from the Lhasa Municipal Bureau of Commerce that the “winter hi buy · Warm Lhasa” supermarket catering department sales promotion since January 16, in promoting social consumption, benefit the people and other aspects of good results.The second round of the event will be officially launched at 10 o ‘clock on January 29.For solid to do a good job of “six stability”, the full implementation of “six protect” tasks, to further promote consumption, benefit the people’s livelihood, approved by the government to Lhasa, Lhasa city business bureau plans to grant 15.15 million yuan to Lhasa consumer supermarket catering department store coupons (hereinafter referred to as: coupons), throughout the city to carry out the “warm winter hi purchase whitson Lhasa” supermarket catering department store sales promotion activity.The reporter learned from the Lhasa Municipal Bureau of Commerce that the first period of effective use ended on January 25, and good results have been achieved in promoting social consumption and benefiting the people.The second round of the event will officially start at 10:00 on January 29 and end at 23:59 on February 7.The third, fourth and fifth batches will be released at 10 o ‘clock on February 12, February 28 and March 13 respectively.It should be noted that the subsequent issuance, receipt and effective time of use shall be subject to the publicity of the consumer voucher issuing platform.Get it first, get it last.The reporter learned that, in order to further meet the needs of consumers for different levels of consumption, the consumption voucher type is divided into three kinds, respectively for the full 100 yuan to reduce 30 yuan vouchers, full 200 yuan to reduce 50 yuan vouchers, full 400 yuan to reduce 120 yuan vouchers.Starting from the second round, each person can choose 3 coupons from 3 denominations in each round. Each person can only receive 1 coupon of the same denomination, i.e., each person can receive up to $200 worth of coupons.It is reported that this activity all in Lhasa individual consumers (including outside the city to pull personnel) can participate.Each participant can only use one wechat account to participate in this activity. If multiple wechat accounts belong to the same ID card, they will be regarded as the same user.Enterprise users cannot participate in receiving coupons.So, how to get the spending voucher?Consumers can go to the exclusive mini program of consumption coupons or search the “Lhasa Release” public account, click “Lhasa Consumption coupons” in the menu box to enter the activity page to grab tickets.Consumers who want to check whether they have received the coupons can check them on the page of “The coupons I grabbed” or in the wechat card bag.The Lhasa Municipal Bureau of Commerce hereby reminds consumers and participating merchants that in order to ensure the orderly operation of the event, the organizer will have the right to cancel the user’s qualification to participate in the event and recover the subsidy obtained by the user if the user buys and sells coupons or commits any cheating and violation (such as brushing orders and cashing out, etc.).Source: China Xizang News Network – Xizang Business Daily

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