Minamano Takashi may be punished by the FA!One game makes him worth 10 times less, wu Lei may go to Liverpool

National soccer team played against Vietnam team on the first day of the very anxious, we have also seen the final score, the team’s strength under Li Xiaopeng seems as well li3 tie3, the main reason may be rooted in domestication is too little, li3 tie3 period but have four naturalized, and Li Xiaopeng coaching the naturalized players seem to be not very want to play.Luo Guofu in the match against Vietnam, is also the performance of the rules, and did not highlight the true king of demeanor, the current group of National football team wants to enter the World Cup probability is 0, but also might as well have other circumstances can continue to increase the probability of national football team.If Japan, Saudi Arabia and Australia abandon the match, then the National football team can enter the World Cup?In addition, due to the Japanese team’s game too many black whistle, The National football player Wang Shanchao took the responsibility for the penalty, in fact, Wang Shanchao did not handball, but hit the shoulder, from this point can see how black Japan is, black can not stand, the referee is even more black.WeiShiHao and south wild billiton conflict between the reality we all know, the effectiveness appealed small players this is ridiculous, Liverpool was unprovoked WeiShiHao, and WeiShiHao temper in the Chinese super league is notoriously cross, who dares rouse hao elder brother is really hard to walk out of the stadium, and the south wild billiton real only can pack up also is worth,He is worth 24 million euros, 10 times that of Wu Lei and 1.5 times that of the entire National team.You also know that this is virtual, like “the exchange of Pan Ga”, after Liverpool maybe just because he humiliate national soccer team, to give him a pay cut to 1 million, although the team’s strength, after all, not line, in the status of world football is very high, the Liverpool manager bird uncle also dare not to offend the team’s players, after all, the team’s powerful players emerge in endlessly,It’s not good if Liverpool ask us to play and the players don’t want to go.South wild billiton may have been the football association punishment, just oral did not post, but his anger against WeiShiHao certainly no good fruit to eat, let’s write down the account, lei to leave la liga spaniards to Liverpool or real Madrid, is bound to revenge, specialized Dui south wild billiton real, what is your opinion on it, could you give me a message in the comments section.

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