Small nine Go section spring long training class recruit students!

Small nine Go section spring long training class recruit students!Teachers: Xiaojiu Professional Three Dan of Go;In 2017, she entered the Top 32 of Menghe Cup World Go Tournament and taught chong Duan teenagers for many years, with rich experience.Has trained a number of professional, industry 6 chess players.The video keeps up with The Times and uses actual materials;Assist Duoka powerful AI, committed to providing high-quality rigorous video courses.Network training content: special courses: explain the content of the application of a big shape, attack and move skills, officials, chess, chess, etc.;We will also explain the common problems of online training students.Through the study of special courses: 1. We can clearly understand the idea of professional chess players, the method of analyzing problems, and the skills of solving difficult situations.Thus quickly improve the ability to fight and go level.2. Comprehensively improve the understanding of the game. With the improvement of the level, it is worth learning and thinking repeatedly.Replay class: weekly lifting group matches according to the level.Each person to ensure 1 plate review (4 plates per month, targeted explanation, arrangement of improvement methods) and assign the explanation of live and dead homework.Course highlights: The quarterly online training course is the recommended course of Xiaojiu Weiqi.Students participate in the grand circle competition and are guaranteed to have 4 opportunities to be reviewed by professional third-dan teachers every month.Combined with the actual combat sub-topic explanation, the system strengthens the foundation to enhance the actual combat ability.According to the degree of students, make arrangements to improve the way.Please write to me for details.

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