What “certainty” did alcohol wholesalers leave the industry with in the past year?

While the number of producers in the wine industry for 2021 continues to decline, the growth figures from the alcohol wholesaler group are a “certainty” forecast left by the industry over the past year.How much do alcohol wholesalers contribute to society?450,000 jobs;How fast are wine wholesalers growing?85-fold increase in 20 years…The huge increase and cancellation scale shows the vitality and iteration of wine wholesaler group, and the market opportunity reflected by it is also worth paying attention to.In 2020, the big data Center of Cloud Wine Media was officially established, which is committed to observing wine industry trends and phenomena from the perspective of data, and gaining insight into the logic of wine industry phenomena.Review wine Industry 2021, look ahead 2022, big data reveals the industry trend behind the national wine wholesalers.

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