Do you know anything about Beidou?The poor girl grew up to be a hero at sea

Hello, welcome back to the original god world of Holdon2099.Beidou is suitable for skilled players because its combat mechanism is similar to action games such as Wolf and King of Mercy.Whether you can master the ability of Beidou or not, the following ten points will let you know more about Beidou Sister Head.There are many “strong women” in The Original God, and Beidou is no exception.In some scenarios, many NPCS talk endlessly about the great achievements of Beidou.One of the most commendable, is her kill “seamount whale” feat.But Beidou himself is very down to earth and does not think he is better than those around him.And Ning Guang is also a strong woman, their relationship also makes people very curious, the following is 10 interesting things related to the Beidou.She hated rock music Although Beidou was never a traditional person, or even very unconventional, the southern Cross crew knew that yan yan liked rock music, which beidou could not accept, although she appreciated Yan’s fiery enthusiasm.Maybe they can be friends, but Beidou will never go to See Yan’s concert.She was captain of the Death Herald, the flagship of the Southern Cross Fleet, captained by Beidou.The Death Herald was a famous ship in the Tivat Sea. This ship sailed all over the world and had many crew members on board. All of them supported Captain Beidou and were willing to go with her to brave the storm.Beidou also takes good care of all the crew, like a family.Beidou smiles whenever she embarks on the Ship and really enjoys her time at sea.Beidou has gained a high reputation for its excellent performance in battle.Despite this, rumors circulated that portrayed her as a wicked villain.Some ignorant people even think that Beidou will attack them because of some quarrels.Of course, much of the ignorance’s fear comes from beidou’s fighting style and the tyrannical image of using the Elemental Thunder abilities.Oh, and there are rumors that she can beat Coagulation at Coagulation chess.Beidou is actually a good person contrary to rumors, in fact, she is totally a warm-hearted woman.No matter what country they come from, Beidou is more than willing to help them.There are many stories about how Beidou commanded her fleet to rescue stranded ships and take care of passengers, but they are not spread on Hyaluron.So, don’t be fooled by the appearance, captain Beidou in the “ferocious” appearance, with a hero to save the world.Ningguang is the richest man in Tivat. She is highly capable and has a strong sense of responsibility, but she is not suitable for many situations, such as she can not go to the high seas to explore.That’s why Ningguang wants to establish a good relationship with Beidou.She knew beidou was the most reliable ally she could find on Hyaluron.Beidou also respects Ning Guang and is more than happy to reach an agreement with her.The two also seemed to spend time together playing chess, chatting and doing things that were kept to themselves.Of course, if the beidou relationship ever gets out, it will be the talk of the town.Do you know the rich woman Ningguang?Guardian glaze on the original god come on!5. She is Good at Playing Chess Although many people like to associate Beidou with fighting, she was actually quite smart since childhood.In fact, she was able to beat the calculating condensing Light at chess, a feat few people have accomplished.Others say she can do it because she’s not afraid of glint.Of course, Beidou has never won a chess match of Its own making.One of Beidou’s favorite things to do in her spare time is to drink.In fact, Beidou might be perfect for living in Mond, and most likely have visited the city before and tasted their wine.Beidou, however, seems to have more self-control than some of Mond’s residents, and she only drinks in her free time.You will never see beidou with the laid-back attitude of the shopkeepers in Mond.Beidou told travelers that she was a good judge of character.Just listen to her lines for the other characters to prove it.She could even see that she had already rehearsed the young fame of Xiang Ling.They are also used for patrolling the seas, torturing prisoners, fighting and making friends.Because of this ability, the people who can stay with her are honest people.Not every Lyreur is born in this city and lives a luxurious life. If you know beidou’s backstory, you will know that she was actually born in a poor family and sometimes her family even had trouble getting food to eat.Her family was so poor that Beidou had to steal food to make sure she had something to eat every day.This may be why Bukdu has chosen to live differently from the rest of Boryeol.By the way, the merchants of Hyrimoon used to be unkind to her, too, although they now act respectfully toward her.Beidou may look big and careless and should not be a fussy person, but she just doesn’t like to eat raw and cold food.She likes all her meals hot, and prefers to wait for food to cook rather than eat raw or cold food like sashimi or ice cream.This may have been part of a plan to keep her out of the way, as she often travels between Inaba and Rizuki, a region known for its raw food culture.Who is the strongest sword king?Do you think beidou has anything to do with the BDS system?Welcome to share with us.For more content, check out Holdon2099

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