Hebei Enclosure achieves zero fire during Qingming festival

Hebei News (correspondent Zhao Liguo, Wang Dongling) “this’ pocket book ‘is very good, can learn” Saihanba forest grassland fire regulations “anytime and anywhere.When we get back, let the whole family study.”Weichang Manchu and Mongolian autonomous county new town Yingou village party member Qiu Jinyu said, to hold this piece of clear water and green mountains, forest fire this string can not always loose.To resolutely fight the tomb-sweeping day fire “battle”, the enclosures of party members and cadres, residency work team and all the ranger will give up a holiday, all the fire line, focus on the hill, tomb, head, fields, grid person, create positions, proportional amount, location, do fire up the hill, the flame into the forest, build a fire by green smoke-free tomb-sweeping day to zero “security wall” of forest fire prevention.At the entrance of each mountain, village and important sections of the vehicle one by one inspection, strictly control the fire into the mountain and forest, at the same time, promote online worship related policies, person by person, car by car issued publicity materials, create a strong forest fire prevention atmosphere, effectively enhance the national awareness of fire prevention.The county made concerted efforts to do a good job in forest fire prevention, epidemic prevention and control, due diligence to protect forest resources, with green development to protect Saihanba and its surrounding area ecological absolute security.The give full play to the cutting edge exemplary role of party members, leading the strict implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work requirements, do the ideological work, actively guide the masses go out less, gathered, lumpy, guide the masses to active persuasion out-of-town friends stay home, and in a timely manner to prevent aggregation behavior such as worship, blowing the ecological safeguard “assembly”.In order to ensure the victory of the “Tomb-sweeping Day campaign”, the county and towns in advance to find out the bottom number, adhere to the wall map operation, in accordance with the formulation of the plan reasonable distribution of prevention and control forces, comprehensively do a good job in forest fire prevention, early warning monitoring.Printed and distributed to the sihanba forest grassland fire protection ordinance pocket book 10000 tallies, ensure that rural cadres, rangers players, such as a line of fire protection personnel to one book per person, and through the fire patrol car, loudspeakers broadcast, spread knowledge of fire prevention, fire fire broadcast five years opposite typical example, strengthen the warning education, form a deterrent.To coordinate epidemic prevention and control and forest and grassland fire prevention, integrate grid workers, forest rangers, river rangers and cleaners, and carry out comprehensive epidemic prevention and fire prevention work on the front line.With the next step of hierarchical and regional management of epidemic prevention and control, all firefighters previously assigned to epidemic prevention and control have returned to their posts and are on duty 24 hours a day.Make full use of forest grassland fire control command system, adhere to the 4:30 p.m. every day to meet scheduling, overall planning of civil air defense, technical defense, physical defense means, issued fire instructions, arrange deployment tasks.In 37 towns and townships, party and government officials took turns to work during public holidays and holidays, and established a work system of morning meetings, implementation of the work in the morning, summary work in the noon, cross-examination in the afternoon, and study and summary work in the evening.Will sihanba around six villages and towns as a core and a militarized management, full combat uniform on-the-job BeiQin, to manage the standard strictly controlled fire dangerous explosive articles, for all kinds of vehicles entering sihanba is equipped with fire extinguishing equipment and mot thorough screening, transportation, sales of laws and regulations and fire source, sacrifice products and other illegal ACTS,A total of 2,627 lighters and 2.6 tons of sacrificial burning supplies were confiscated, and 13 sales departments were punished with 35,000 yuan according to law.Make sure that fire does not leave the house, the source of fire does not leave the village.The use of uav patrol, fire probe video monitoring and other technical means, timely detection of fire risks, and propaganda to remind, improve the ability of technical prevention.Each township and the fire fighting team signed a smoking cessation responsibility, forest rangers signed a prohibited outdoor fire responsibility, strict personnel management, improve the sense of responsibility for fire prevention.The Standing Committee of the County Party Committee took the lead in studying the Regulations on Fire prevention of Saihanba Forest Grassland for two times. The villages and towns studied intensively for five times through night school of environmental protection, and carried out the publicity month of Fire prevention of Saihanba forest grassland.The county attaches great importance to the work of forest protection and fire prevention after the Qingming Festival, and continues to maintain a high pressure situation, be ready, never relax vigilance, to ensure the “zero fire” after the Qingming Festival.Adhere to the prevention, comprehensive elimination of hidden dangers, resolutely ensure the realization of the county zero fire, zero fire targets, to ensure the absolute safety of Saihanba and surrounding areas.

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